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Sapan Gupta – An eminent Mind & Wellness Coach equipped with Advance NLP strategies shares his journey of 14 years of experience



Sapan Gupta is a certified Advance NLP Expert, a certified Life Coach, and the author of the book “Ignite the power within you.” Skilled under national and international trainers with rich experience of 14 years.

Sapan had inspired and transformed many lives from the shift of uncertainty into confident self-worthiness, from chronic dissatisfaction into action, empowerment, and greater fulfillment. 

Indeed, every person holds some power and innate desire to be unique and essential to make the most significant things happen with proper guidance, support, and coaching. 

Sapan, with his expertise, passion, and experience, has helped people to break the pattern of Stress Behaviors, Anxiety & Depression by using battle-tested Mind Coaching, Advanced NLP Techniques, Strategies & frameworks to come out on top by improving their personal and professional lives including Health, Wealth & their Relationships.

Excerpt from the latest conversation with Sapan Gupta

1. Sapan, please enlighten us about your journey from Sapan Gupta to Life Coach Sapan Gupta.

Sapan – Being poverty-stricken, my childhood was never rosy. I was raised in theoutskirts of Kanpur, which turned out to be a constraint in my education; however, I didn’t allow any challenges to come in between my studies. Due to my poor financial condition, I had to support my family while in STD 10. 

I kept my dream intact and self-motivated. I used to say to myself. This is not what I deserve. I deserve a lot more, and gradually things changed. My life took a turn when I moved to Delhi in 2006. I had a thirst for doing better, which made me elevate higher from an entry-level job to a management and leadership role. 

The journey was good but full of challenges with the blend of pain and pleasure, excitement and sadness, achievement and failure. But my life’s goal was more extensive than mine as I wanted to see people attaining greater fulfillment and didn’t want to know the kind of hardships that I have endured myself. 

With the knack of serving humanity, I chose life coaching and mentoring to help people identify their strengths, develop them and reach their potential personally and professionally. 

2. Still, many people in this world do not know about the wonder of life coaching, so please tell us about the importance of life coaching and how it can change one’s life.

Sapan – We all have dreams of achieving something in life, and there is no dearth of securities in our life. In my 14 years of experience, I have seen many people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, fear, phobia, and whatnot. These insecurities become a constraint of the foundation of your success that stops you from chasing your dreams. Along with the deterioration of physical health, it also hampers mental beings. 

In India, most of us are still not aware of the fact that there are so many destructive things we do to disempower ourselves due to stress, anxiety, and depression. Amid such circumstances, NLP comes into the picture. This is the advanced science of transformation used by many top entrepreneurs, businessmen & athletes that helps you cushion every fall, elevates you when you are down, and motivates you to keep on running in a positive direction systematically in your personal and professional life front.

3. In these 14 years of your journey, you have achieved many milestones but have you ever faced any struggle at any moment?

Sapan – I have experienced my personality’s weakest and most vital characters in this journey. Losing my wife doomed me. I was in the dark, detached from everything. It was through the guidance and sessions of the right mentors and coaches who helped me deal with depression and brought me back from my past depression.

In these 14 years of my journey, I have run across many people with struggling past and painful memories. I felt accomplished when my one-to-one talk therapy and personal coaching helped them transform their low self-image and low confidence into confident beings. I think it is no less than a milestone when my counseling helps people overcome their stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs by empowering them by putting them into the resourceful states to use their personal strength to eliminate any obstacle standing in the way of their goals and the desired life.

Sapan Gupta is an established life coach who has helped numerous people to reach their goals related to their business, relationships, health, self-image, & self-improvement. Connect with Sapan from the credentials below and bridge the gap between your current circumstances and the life you desire to lead!

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