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Savleen Kaur – From a girl who could not speak even a single word in English to a Successful English Communication Skills Trainer



Savleen Kaur is the founder of Savleen English University and an English communication trainer, confidence coach, public speaker, and successful passionpreneur. She is a qualified trainer from London who has risen to the top 100 speakers out of 40185 in a competition conducted by success gyan all over India  and has been featured  on Global TV . English is a language through which we can see the world and provides ample opportunities  and helps an individual to grow in life. Savleen English University was formed with the purpose of providing right guidance and  instruction in Spoken English, Advanced Communication Skills, Personality Development, Pronunciation, and Interview Skills. Savleen is also a social media influencer with over 18,000 LinkedIn followers.

English language proficiency not only opens doors to employment you might not have considered before, but it also has a plethora of other advantages. Savleen recounts her ordeal in a crux. “I started when I was in elementary school; I couldn’t say a single word in English, and if somebody called me up on stage for a public speaking performance, I would always rant out of fear of being judged and a lack of confidence.” Life threw me a lot of curveballs, and I couldn’t allow my anxiety to keep me from learning. I made the decision that I needed to take a stance and be courageous. When I couldn’t find the right words to carry on a discussion in English, I became exhausted. I worked into the wee hours of the morning to extend my horizons and become the finest version of myself as an English Communication trainer. Because of my love for the English language, I’ve studied, and studying has helped me realize my latent potential as a public speaker. I honestly feel that I have the ability to empower people, and I wish I had put more faith in myself since I believe that self-confidence is essential for success. Today, I am the CEO and Founder of Savleen English University, where we teach individuals Spoken English, Advanced Communication Skills, Personality Development, Pronunciation, Interview Skills, and Train the Trainer. I’ve never let fear get the best of me and prevent me from achieving my goals.”

English speaking is of utmost importance in today’s competitive world as most interactions with other people require some level of soft skills. Soft skills, on the other hand, might restrict people’s potential. As a consequence, as communication skills improve, any outcomes may be provided effortlessly, which will not only gratify everyone but also have a beneficial impact on personal life by enhancing interactions with others. Communication skills improvement is beneficial not only in personal life but also in professional life. Speaking English does, in fact, help anyone to widen their horizons, whether it is in terms of employment chances or enhancing one’s lifestyle. Needless to say, education is critical for personal development, but learning English also enhances one’s quality of life.  Savleen teaches students how to speak English fluently, confidently, and fearlessly so they can express themselves effectively, generate possibilities for themselves, ace an interview, and live a confident life. Savleen has been teaching for the past five years and have taught people from all over the world including doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, lecturers etc

In reality, a lack of English-speaking abilities and a lack of fluency might prevent you from participating in and applying for courses. You may encounter situations in life that make you feel inadequate and low in self-esteem, but learning English will provide you with additional chances as well as the development of emotional abilities. Speaking English is not only beneficial, but it also provides a great deal of happiness, and making progress makes everyone happy and brings you closer to perfection.

She concludes with her saying “Nothing can be more joyous than making society better and training people in communicating with nearly all the people in the world so that they can become fearless and fluent in the English language. I feel challenge and excitement can be incredibly motivating and nothing beats the feeling of holding the first 10-minute conversation with someone in English and knowing that you have managed to do so is such a boost to your confidence and that inspires you to just improve and improve. I encourage my students to practise face to face communication because I feel that there’s no better motivator than face to face communication”

As a confidence coach, Savleen works with students, working professionals, colleges , schools and corporates  to boost their self-esteem and develop a positive attitude on life from the inside out. Savleen saw that the majority of individuals suffer because of a lack of confidence, and she helps people acquire confidence through time and mold them into someone they never imagined they could be. As an expert in her field, Savleen is well-versed in how to overcome hardship and change people’s lives.

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