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SetMyWed Reviews on the wedding industry and the problems faced by wedding vendors



Being a business-to-business company SetMyWed reviews the problems faced by wedding vendors. We interact with n number of vendors daily, and we process so many transactions. Along with these transactions, we also face many challenges and security threads that directly affect set my bed reviews. 

As per records, we have noticed that few people pretend to be vendors and participate in fraudulent activities and such activities are totally against work ethics and their company’s policy. 

On the other hand, we have faced that in a few cases, people pretend to be part of a set my wed and try to take out money from a vendor’s pockets by making a false commitment and wrong promises. 

There have been a lot of recent incidents of Fraudulent Communication that have come to our notice which we would like to caution & educate our vendors about. Some of the fraudulent incidents that we have come across recently have been elaborated on below:

 1. Frauds using UPIs or other internet platforms – so many banders use these UPI platforms to make their transaction easy and quick. But still, these UPI transactions can be so insecure. So kindly keep your primary focus on the kind of transactions that are being made online and do the cross verification with the official UPI of set my wed because we never want that vendor fee any kind of problem. 

2. You people also pretend to be part of a set my wet family and try to make money from people, so kindly be aware of such people and do cross-verification before any kind of transaction and make sure the person is genuinely part of a company or not.

3. And one basic rule that not only applies in the wedding industry but also in every field that is before making any transaction be aware that you are contacting the right person and the right company because there are few other brokers and agencies as well who claim that they are apart of set my weight and try to gain personal financial benefits.

4. If someone asks for any kind of pass password OTP or any personal financial information to cross verification with setting my bed team, proceed with complete care and focus on ensuring your transaction is going to the right destination. Never believe each and everyone because that can affect your financials and setmywed reviews as well. 

5 On the other side, be aware of a few things-

 When someone is offering anything at too low prices, then confirm the same thing with setmywed officials whether it is true or not after confirmation only take action. Beware that the proposed information is similar to the company’s official information. 

Each vendor is similar, and we do not offer any special treatment to anyone, so be aware if anyone is treating you too special and behaves unusually and trying to gain your personal information, kindly verify at least twice. 


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