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Shaktisteller Energy solutions: A solar solution provider for every residential and non-residential space.



In any environment, solar power systems have multiple benefits due to steadily growing energy needs. Solar Power system is environment friendly that can operate on a traditional level eliminating the cost of power every month, thereby generating clean energy. A Bhopal based company Shaktisteller Energy Solution has emerged as a solar consultancy with end to end services to ease the life of every residential and non-residential space with innovation in the area of renewable energy along with a reduction of the use of natural resources. 

Shaktisteller Energy solution, a venture by Ankit Roy and co-founder S N Roy, began its journey in 2016. Ankit was too concerned about the considerable electricity cost of the entire Indian household. This made him move further with solar panels with a complete service provider, so he aimed to find a sustainable solution to the energy problem, and this idea was found unique in Mr. Praveen Modi. Then he joined Shaktisteller as a co-founder a year later after its existence with a team of Industrious members’ expert in technical, marketing, and operational help to adopt the emerging energy-efficient technologies efficiently and effectively. It came into existence when the energy sector in the world was under a tremendous transition & India was adapting to the changes rapidly. The government too promoted the Made in India campaign at that period, encouraging all the startups in India and its renewable energy plan of 175 GW by 2022 and 450 GW by 2030, where solar plays a massive role in this.

Shaktisteller caters to the consultancy and services of setting up rooftop solar panels with end-to-end solutions and highest quality equipment for reducing high electricity bills and fastest return on investments. Shaktisteller use multi decision criterion to select the best solar panel and inverter compatibility for a given city calculating the effect of temperature variations on power tolerance.

Shaktisteller also manufactures no-emission bikes and converts two-wheelers running on petrol into eco-friendly Electric Vehicles. These solutions cater to all levels of consumers- domestic, apartments, hospitals, clusters, etc. The company has also captivated the City of Lakes with its vast array of solar street lights along with its installation services. The final product of Shaktisteller, the Biogas stove, has been a savior for most of the household during the lockdown period amid the Covid crisis, making it an ideal choice for every family. It is safe, Odourless, and requires low maintenance.

The mechanism of the biogas stove uses all the organic kitchen waste to produce methane which is used for combustion further. Each kilogram of garbage can produce one hour’s fuel. Any organic waste left out for the day when put in the tank has gas for the next day.

Shaktisteller is customer-centric in its dealing, developing its edge with research, innovation and after-sale service. Their solar solution is easily adaptable to the fluctuations caused by the electrical grid of India. Besides this, Shaktisteller was felicitated by Scotland India impact Link Fellowship award for its social impact. They have been awarded as the State Leaders in installing most solar Roofs in 2019 along with adaption in 2021 IEEE Research paper on Solar on Grid Inverter technology. Their 2021 research on the quality and efficiency of panel to rank them in order of compatibility in the Indian region has received widespread adaptation for predicting the outcome of a solar rooftop system. The company even provides steel plate badges to be put up outside houses or any commercial property that indicates its renewable status. This is something every customer takes pride in displaying. They also manufacture all in one integrated solar led lights that automatically turn on during night and needs no external solar panel or battery or electric lines.

With the growth of renewable energy, solar production has skyrocketed subsequently in no time. Shaktisteller provides such innovative ways to utilize solar energy that not only gives access to clean and green electricity but also reduces threats to our health, paving our way to a brighter and healthier future. Now it’s time to cut down our electricity bills and LPG bills with the products of Shaktisteller, where you can use all the electric components of your house and commercial space along with traditional power besides cooking in a conventional gas stove at an affordable cost for a lifetime.

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