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ShelterArms – A Second Home to Help Your Kid Find Their Voice



The world has been under the distress and troubles caused by the greatest pandemic that the human race has ever witnessed, COVID 19. The pandemic took a toll on many aspects of our lives, and we faced and are still facing many challenges. There has been an increase in the number of several pertinent issues among children ranging from social distancing to less speech stimulation, followed by a cut down in the number of playdates, fewer or minimal peer interactions, and usage of face masks. “On the rise of the pandemic, according to research, there has been a significant increase in speech and language disorders in children but the awareness regarding the same in the bare minimum and the available professionals to provide the services is also less; we aim to address these issues.”, says Mr Razak, the aspiring founder of ShelterArms.

Speech is the primary way human beings communicate with one another and share ideas and emotions. A speech disorder is referred to as a condition in which a person faces difficulties with respect to the production of sound. ShelterArms speech and Language Rehabilitation Centre, established in 2020, and founded by Mr Ameen Razak, has been providing Speech and Language Rehabilitation services for nearly two years across Bangalore, Pune, Kerala, and Mysore. Presently, there are four branches of ShelterArms in Bangalore. Their vision is to render rehabilitation services at the clients’ doorstep without any expense. Rehabilitation facilities enable participation in education and work. As children shall grow into adults shortly and comprise the following generation, it is our duty must smooth upbringing by throwing light upon specific issues like speech and language disorders.

ShelterArms aims to provide the best services to their patients by providing the best possible intervention strategies through a multidisciplinary approach and aims to address the increasing number of speech and language disorders and the lack of professionals to provide the services. It was established in 2019 and has conducted more than a thousand sessions online within the period of two years tentatively. The professionals are comfortable speaking in different languages like Kannada, English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and other regional languages. At ShelterArms, the interdisciplinary teams comprise speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, audiologists, and speech educators. They are pleased to inform us that they have received several awards. One of them includes the ‘10 Most Promising Autism Therapy Centres 2022 in India.’ At ShelterArms, they try to make the sessions comfortable for the patients by providing them with a homely atmosphere in which they can open up and feel free as much as possible. They are pleased to inform you that the parents of several children with ongoing speech and language therapy in our clinic have reviewed our space as their child’s second home. Their utmost belief is that a congenial atmosphere is a key to healing. Their trained professionals try to make the sessions as pleasant as possible. Their records have shown improvement in children with issues related to speech and language. The professionals have noted several communication disorders omnipresent in children, including articulation disorders, fluency disorders, language disorders including autism, spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and voice disorders. 

Early intervention is crucial for children with speech, language, and communication needs. A child’s development is an essential part of socialization. In case there is a problem with development, therapy should be started as the soonest. Here they also provide Oral Placement Therapy. In Oral Placement Therapy, speech therapy is provided, which utilizes a combination of auditory stimulation followed by visual and tactile stimulation to the mouth to improve speech clarity. It is a tactile–proprioceptive technique that accompanies traditional therapy. Traditional therapy comprises auditory and visual. Patients with motor or sensory issues get benefit from tactile and proprioceptive components as speech is a tactile–proprioceptive act. Dysphagia is a medical condition that occurs in newborn babies to seniors, resulting in the inability to swallow food and water, resulting from being life-threatening, which is why they provide care and rehabilitation for such a crucial issue. 

They also provide online consultations. Professionals are available for online booking for appointments. The speech pathologists are available anywhere at any time for a custom made one on one treatment program. 

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