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Shiv Vilas becomes one of The best Destination wedding palace in India



Shiv Vilas is a palace theme Resort located on the Delhi Jaipur highway in the historic city of Jaipur, popularly known as ‘Pink City’. The location of the Resort is extremely convenient due to its easy access by road and is just a 15 km/25 minute drive from the heart of the city. Set amidst beautiful gardens with excellent leisure and business facilities, the Resort surrounded by the lush green Aravalli Range providing scenic views all around Royal experience of luxury in Jaipur.

The construction of this architectural marvel commenced in 2002 and the Resort opened it’s Gate to guests in October 2006. The resort provides breath-taking views right from the entrance itself. The beautiful exteriors in white transcends into a canvas for a spectacular show of light during evening when the reddish hues of dusk fade into the beauty of our illumination by night. This Royal Luxury resort is designed by an leading renowned architect from U.S.A. after two years of Research on the architecture of the historic palaces and forts of Rajasthan.

Shiv Vilas Resorts, a majestic destination that took it’s roots in Jaipur in the guiding light and leadership of their Chairman, Mr. Brij Mohan Sharma(1st April 1934 – 7th March 2014) son of Late. Shri Jaganath Sharma who was an A Class Contractor working with Rajasthan Govt. and supervised many projects like Ramgarh Bandh, Kota Bandh and Ajmer Bandh.

His extraordinary vision of creating an impactful & insurmountable empire in Carpet, Textile, Jewellery & Hospitality industry started with his B.Com from Rajasthan University. He always had a passion of helping people and uplifting the society which later on motivated him to pursue his dreams of becoming a great Businessman & Exporter.

The establishment of Sharma Group started in 1989 by setting roots of Jay Rasik Priya in 1989, Jaipur Boutique Carpet in 1993 and Valintino Textiles in 1993 were the start of something bigger as his vision was to give Jaipur something more alongside these jewels in the form of Jaipur Mahal, Jewels & Gold Palace, Shiv Vilas Resorts, Brij Bagh, Brij Castle and Aman Vilas Resort.

This vision is now being carried by his 6 sons Mr. Shiv Bihari Sharma, Mr. Raj Bihari Sharma, Mr. Giraj Prasad Sharma, Mr. Prithvi Raj Sharma, Mr. Narendra Kumar Sharma and Satyanarayan Sharma who are the active board member and Directors of Shiv Vilas group.

Putting the spotlight onto the marvelous Shiv Vilas and it’s intricate architecture and world famous lobby. They have been accorded with the “Best Lobby in the World” Award from Berlin and PATA Award. The establishment dating since 1998 completed its journey in 2006 meanwhile presenting us with the luxurious and heavenly resort. This massive 45 Acre resort consists of wonders such as it’s vividly know Lobby and traditional art. 

Shiv Vilas is the only Resort in Jaipur to own a Private Helipad and also the only one in Rajasthan to introduce the Air Taxi service. With a combined accommodation of 128 luxurious Rooms & Suites they stand out amongst the various properties. A plethora of other amenities such as 3 Banquets, 3 in built Restaurants, a spectacular Shopping Arcade and 2 Swimming Pools to relax you on your vacations. Their unfathomable space for Events of 6 huge Gardens is what makes them a perfect destination for the Dream Wedding.

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