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SHRAVAN SINGH RAJPUROHIT, a successful self made businessman and You tuber building his own empire



This is the story of a young entrepreneur, Youtuber and a self made businessman Sharvan Singh Rajpurohit who is only 20 years old and is already running a successful business, Recording studio and a You tube channel. His recording studio “Murli Records” is based in Banglore and many singers and artists record their work in his studio. His recording studio is famous for quality music production. It was his dream to open his own recording studio and produce music for artists from different regions. He himself operates all of his businesses,recording studio and You tube channel from banglore. All types of music -Bollywood,Telgu,Marathi,Hindi,Rajasthani,etc are recorded in his recording studio. He opened his studio because of his interest with the help of his businesses. He also runs a You tube channel named “Murli Music”.
He is from a small town Bhinmal Jalore in Rajasthan and is currently living in Banglore. He dropped out from studies when he was young and started his hustle for the bigger world. And after few years of struggle his hard work is finally paying of. He has been putting all his efforts in his You Tube channel and his business.
Being from a small town and not having strong financial support hasn’t stopped him from achieving his dreams. He
Personalities like him prove that you can achieve great success if uou have strong passion and you are ready to work hard for your dreams. He hopes to attract more people to his You Tube channel by making great content for the people. He is running his record studio “MURLI RECORDS” from last 2 years. It is his passion and love for work that lets him devote time for all his businesses and You Tube channel.

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