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SHREYA BAID- A true example how to follow your passion



As a first-year student during an internship, this was the response that I used to get a lot many times. But this company gave me a great opportunity to develop myself. Oh my bad, my name is Shreya Baid. Currently, I am a second-year BBA student. I am pursuing my BBA degree from NMIMS Mumbai. I did my schooling from Delhi Public School Surat and got 96.8% in my 12th standard. I am a simple, sweet, confident, and cunning fellow. My family background is in business and because of that developed an interest in the business field. That’s I have learned, from the very start, the importance of passion, dedication, confidence, and time management. Even though there were times when I couldn’t perform well but my team heads and people around me helped me a lot to work better.

I am a person who has a keen interest in participating in different types of activities and therefore I took these challenges to work and do internships in my first year itself. I am also a person who likes to participate in extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities like sports, quiz competitions, essays and speech competitions, etc. are the heart of my institution. I myself was into basketball and football a lot and even during my first year, I participated in a lot of inter and intra college competitions and even won a few times. These competitions were mainly about different business ideas, facing challenging problems and situations in business, and finding ways to overcome that.

Truly it is said, one cannot study from books alone. Instead, one has to learn from all extracurricular activities in which one participates. And therefore in order to face the real market, I believed to enter into internships. Career planning is the very thing that irritates oneself. Without sound career planning, right from the start, one cannot stay on the right track. One has to do the things or set the goals in accordance with his or her broad career goals. At the start, it was difficult to find an internship but then I didn’t lose hope. And with the help of my mentor, I was able to find. And then I got an internship at this company. A man who dreams only for the future and does nothing for tomorrow can be best named a lazy and pathetic person. And therefore due to this pandemic of everything being online, I didn’t want to waste my time just watching series and so I felt to do something in this period.

Talking about my experience while working in this company was something that taught me a lot of things and it helped me in many ways. Here I got a great opportunity to work in various fields and having a great mentor helped a lot. There were times when I wasn’t able to complete the work, couldn’t’ understand certain things because of not having that great experience, but all these things didn’t affect my journey while working with the company. This was mainly because of the people here, they helped me a lot, taught me things that I wasn’t aware of, taught me ways to work more efficiently, also taught me how to be more build up self-confidence. At times I used to take quite a long time to do a certain task, but here I could learn better effective ways to do a task.

Achievements and losses are inextricably linked to successes and failures. Anyone who accomplishes something today has lost something the day before. There is no such thing as a perfectly successful man who does not have a mix of both failures and accomplishments. To put it another way, I failed a dozen times. But every setback made me stronger. And believe me, I too had a lot of flaws and because of this I faced a lot of consequences, but rather than being helpless about those flaws, I tried my best to work upon them and still do. And because of working this has improved over time. 

Life, in my opinion, is a whole lot of opportunities. One must utilize one’s skills and abilities to their full potential. There is a solution to every difficulty. Life is a gift to humanity, in my opinion. It is important to work hard to improve not just one’s own situation, but also the situation of others. Humanitarian service is the best of all services. From my own experiences and tribulations, I’ve learned that one should never stop working hard, be confident, positive, and adaptable to any situation. The greatest achievement is being invincible. Only then will one be able to face life with vitality and confidence.

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