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Shubhanshu Rai – Digital Marketer from Lucknow



It is not uncommon to hear about entrepreneurs who used the wealth they made from a previous endeavour to build a thriving new startup or about a business tycoon who took over a decade’s aid frontier and transformed it into something new. These stories are inspiring in their way, but to me, it’s even more inspiring to hear about people who started with nothing and today, they are at the helm of affairs and are such entrepreneurs that I come across as Shubhanshu Rai.

 From being born in the Remote village of Ballia to being brought up in a middle-class joint family in Lucknow and making his way as a digital entrepreneur has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Shubhanshu holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from BBD College, Lucknow, which has given him a deep understanding of the digital world and has helped him flourish and make his stand as a successful entrepreneur in India with his company brushing upon each passing day.

Entrepreneur Shubhanshu Rai started his journey with few capitals and no funding, yet the odds were able to build massive successes. He is currently running his Digital academy (Fame Techno Lab) and, not to forget, also a Real Estate Portal Wow Prop.

The road to success for Mr Rai was not straightforward as he had to face many ups and downs in his journey and through stature is the brainchild of his all alone but was always backed up by his family and friends. By the time Shubhanshu was is, he had developed impressive skills, and in 2015, he started as a startup entrepreneur before which he had nothing to his name himself. Shubhanshu eventually got certified by google ads and Facebook ads, followed by an ex–trainee of Digital Vidya.

Rai working as a freelancer trainer and service provider in digital marketing as a man of letter, always looked followed with out of the blue approach de – novo as all this could not have been possible at the drop of a hat. IN addition to all these SHUBHSNSHU is also an aesthete, given equal priority to personal and profession. All life loves to spend time with his friends and family, even his for friends and he is a foodie too. It is pretty apparent from his social media handles. 

Shubhanshu expedition as an entrepreneur was never a piece of cake but was full of twists and turns. It’s just in Shubhanshu invested in himself before investing in anything else by focusing on improving his skills, education and experience as he realized that without investment, one want could build up a business and also if one has a great idea, he should not be afraid to take a chance it.

When asked about his determined attitude towards his profession, Shubhanshu come forwards with bon mat “I knew the great idea which comes up in my mind was not very easy to be achieved with no job lined up, no grand plan, just a looming notice period relaxed notion of maybe I will be a business entrepreneur how even there was no maybe in my determination”.

My biggest motivation, Shubhanshu Rai, has fine in his belly, which is the almost need for a la –caster choice Shubhanshu is optimistic and has for thought for his own real estate property website in the state. He is burning the midnight oil to make Lucknow indeed a capital city. He dreams of a child who has made him buck the trend and have a working experience of 8 years in the marketing field hitherto, and I believe he has a long way to go.

Shubhanshu has many feathers in his cap as he has been awarded the best entrepreneur, best institute and an expert SEO award. Last but not least, he has also been rated as the best Digital Marketing Institute by Saurav Jain and Jain Shah, who is indeed very admiring in itself. 

The inspiring story of Mr Rai would surely be an eye-opener and admiration for millions of clients to grow their business skills as he has proved that “one’s greatest glory is in believing that you can, and you are halfway there. “This attitude of Shubhanshu is quite apparent from the fact that even at the time of worldwide pandemic when he is keeping the hears of his family and friends at paramount importance he has managed to provide services and impart the required knowledge online, no doubt he has a never say die spirit in his veins.

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