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Shweta Raka – A Brand Giving Voice to Boom your Business Growth & Dreams





This quote well defines our Enthusiastic Entrepreneur Shweta Raka having versatile Experience of 8+ Years in helping people  build businesses from Scratch to a Million Dollar Company through her Worldclass Strategies & Unique Expertise Wisdom.

Shweta is into Business Growth Consulting, Strategic Consulting, Business Management and Executive Training for Booming Business and making every Client’s Goal a Real-time Success through her Specialised Market Differentiation Strategies. Being a CEO of Happy Result Coaching & Consulting, I intend to  work across Globe.

For any Business to Prosper helping entrepreneurs in unleashing further growth avenues within their business the 4 most important points for cooperative Business Growth are Deals, Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership.

Shweta believes that Businesses do not fail because of a Short of Ideas, Lack of Efforts and opinions, but because of Loopholes, SMART Goals understanding , Team Ignorance, Unutilised Productive Capacity and many such factors and we are that GAP Fillers.

Most of the time Businesses are stuck in a circle of their skill- set and circumstances and fail to come out of that. This impacts the overall growth of the company.

So, We at HRC identify the root cause of every business Challenge and do SWOT analysis with experience and expertise while bringing out the loopholes that a Business Owner or CEO fails to find out. 

Using Different Deals, Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership, HRC will pave a path for you in increased New avenues of Growth, Revenue, Branding, Goodwill and Trust.

Happy Results Coaching &  Consulting is also a Training Partner for all Corporate & other training consisting of Leadership Training, Sales Training, Customer Relationship Training, Behavioural Training, Soft Skill Training and many more.

Shweta and her Team members have worked for Business Growth Consulting with around 200+ Satisfied & Happy B2C & D2C companies & Reputed Brands Pan India level from Inception to Achieving 10x Growth & Goodwill helping them shine brighter in the Market.

“In whatever you do, you’re not going to stand out unless you think big and have ideas that are truly original. That comes from tapping into your own creativity, not obsessing over what everyone else is doing.”

She firmly believes in this and hence

Seeing the positive Reviews from her numerous clients, many Business owners, Companies, Brands, and Startups have reached out to her Result-Driven Services.

Who doesn’t love Growing Professionally?

And so her number of happy prospects started increasing due to her High level of 10x Results, Commitment, Experts, Business Ethics, Endless Customer Support and Best Prices feature.

Still, she has a long way to go because ‘Settling for Less’ is not her attitude.

Shweta aspires to have 1,00,000+ team members family in her Company to make every individual’s Dream Count & add Glory to our Country.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

And of many milestones she has reached, one is for Nation building at Niti Aayog. She was selected in Pan India to become the Mentor of Change where she helped them by conducting various workshops to inculcate entrepreneurial qualities and Startup ideas for student development for moulding future generations. 

As her personality is, of doing her best, she did her job with heart and her name came to the top list of Niti Aayog members over the last few months.

Apart from her professional life, Shweta has Passion to serve our Society so she is also associated with various NGOs & Voluntary organisations for guiding our Youngsters for Influential Personality Grooming to Business Plans and Startup ideas for making them Unicorns to give Wings to their Dreams.

If you want to GROW or START your business and want suggestion that will work in the real world, then you should reach out to her. You won’t prefer to ignore her if you love your business. 

When someone starts from the ground level, that person’s experience is more realistic than those who learn from a textbook. She is one of those people—she understands the root of every business. Her valuable knowledge and experience can be an asset to your Business.

Happy Results Coaching & Consulting can be reached at

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