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Silk Route Holidays – The travel agency that takes you to the abode of nature.



Modern civilisation and the desperate hunt for money have made people’s lives more mechanical and monotonic. Routine, as Paulo Coelho put it, is lethal. However, people were caught in a loop. They neither want to come out of it nor get lost in it. The best remedy for this is to travel. Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Moreover, it feels good to be lost in the right direction. All you need is a quality weekend or vacation closer to nature, meeting strangers from different parts, experiencing their unique cultures, and tasting the local food dishes. A good trip refreshes and reinforces you, opens doors to fantastic scenic and aesthetic visuals and lets you forget all the pressure, tensions, and boredom of everyday life.

Silk Route Holidays, a joint venture of Bul Bul Group of Houseboats, is here to help you plan the perfect vacation, making it more accessible, affordable and more memorable. They assist tourists by assisting them in making the best travel arrangements possible. They only consider making the customer’s vacation enjoyable and unique, no matter what it takes or how it can be accomplished. They keep themselves informed about tourist attractions and pertinent information regularly. They have successfully created memories and taken tourists to previously unexplored parts of the country from the last ten years. They feel proud to be associated with esteemed organisations such as the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCC&I), and various other JK Tourism associations KCCI, TAAI, SKAL CLUB.

Their mission is to help people discover the lesser-known but equally beautiful places in locations like Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh’s beautiful cold desert. Package tours, pilgrimage tours, trekking camps, skiing activities, bike tours, and Sufi tours are among the services they provide. Animal enthusiasts and forest lovers, buckle up your seat belts. They’re also knowledgeable about wildlife camps and bird-watching excursions. They can also help you with golf packages, fishing trips, and various other adventurous activities. They offer transport services such as organising meetings, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

Imagine yourself waking up to the magnificent and dazzling sight of the snowcapped peaks of the most beautiful Himalayas. This can be made true with the help of the Bul Bul group as they own a fleet of houseboats on the prime location of famous Dal Lake with a rooftop lounge overlooking the mighty Himalayas, home to the third-largest ice deposits in the world after the Arctic and Antarctica.

Silk Route Holidays provides the best routes at reasonable prices with top-notch amenities. Throughout their successful journey, they have built a strong relationship and partnership with many hoteliers and all other concerned dealers and suppliers, allowing them to provide the best facilities at the lowest possible prices, even during peak demand periods. They work with the sole commitment and motto of delivering superior service to customers at all times. Their goal is to make your holiday a sweet memory for a lifetime while keeping you stress-free. They ensure close supervision at all times, as well as complete safety and precautions.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation in the woods, contact Silk Route Holidays for a memorable vacation filled with unforgettable experiences. Check out Silk Route Holidays’ Facebook page to see stunning photos of the awe-inspiring tourist destinations included in their packages. Consult them and make plans for a wonderful vacation.

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