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SkillGames: An Innovative Way to Earn Money Online



What is SkillGames?

This name must certainly be sounding rather unheard of. This is because the gaming app has only recently arrived.

SkillGames is an app for those who seek to earn something while staying at home, whether you are stuck at home due to an emergency, perhaps are unable to go to your job while sick, or are looking to make extra bucks.

SkillGames is the game that will help you to earn something while merely enjoying yourself and testing out your inner tactical self to the full extent while competing with others on the app.

How is SkillGames revolutionary?

SkillGames, while the gaming app’s formula may sound simple and typical of monetized gaming apps, it is much different. For SkillGames is not simply about spending and earning money. You need to have the skills and the strategies to win, along with making plans along the way for how you will take on your opponent, such as in Chess.

Not only that, SkillGames isn’t just relegated to being a gaming app. There is the site itself from where you can contact the support staff to get help related to some of the issues you might face while using the app or perhaps to clear up some doubts regarding the game app.

If you are looking to earn money sitting at home online while having the time of your life working to defeat your opponent with careful planning, then SkillGames, as the name itself says, is the choice for you.

What are some features of SkillGames?

This is where we will get to look at why this app can be the better choice for you if you intend to earn some bucks while essentially playing fun games.

First and foremost, SkillGames isn’t just a single-player-based game like most video games like Mario Kart or Street Fighter. The feature of Refer and Earn changes the game by making sure that you can refer your friend, family, or a person you know to the SkillGames app.

By doing this, you are making sure that whenever the person you have referred to the app wins a game in it, you will earn 1% of what the referred person wins every match forever.

SkillGames also offers a different type of experience in terms of playing the games. They are made in mind by offering the best possible performance in terms of the net, such as low latency issues and a beginner-friendly interface. All the games on SkillGames are also Games of Skill rather than relying even remotely on chance. Hence anyone who plays Rummy, Chess, etc., will have to utilize their brainpower to the utmost to win a sum that will possibly change their lives.

What is the current state of SkillGames?

As you might know before, there are currently only four games on SkillGames as it is a relatively new gaming app, with no external funding being raised for making the app. SkillGames is currently run solely by the money generated from the app’s CEO, Aman Agarwal.

According to Aman Agarwal: Strong efforts are being made to increase the current user-base of SkillGames and spread the awareness of what the SkillGames gaming app exactly is.”

With this said, it is without a doubt that SkillGames is working up its player count to give itself the much-needed growth to become a gaming app where only skills matter.

Concluding thoughts

With SkillGames on the horizon, it seems only to be a matter of time before it becomes a widespread phenomenon. Until then, SkillGames will keep working up its features to truly become a gaming app to be reckoned with.

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