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Skills Panacea – Mentoring Partner of THE BIG FISH POOL



Skills Panacea becomes the mentoring partner of the top 50 teams across India at THE BIG FISH POOL, organised by CT University.

“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” said Milton Berle. This is what entrepreneurship is all about. Creating chances and opportunities, not just for yourself but also for those around you. But, has there been a platform that can support these entrepreneurs?

With the motive of connecting young, rising entrepreneurs with investors, venture capitalists, and mentors, CT University has launched an initiative called “THE BIG FISH POOL.” This was the first season, and Skills Panacea was invited as the mentoring partner for its top 50 teams. To give an overview, The Big Fish Pool had entrepreneurs from all over the nation, a registered hallmark of more than 250 applicants. From these applications, only 50 could get shortlisted, and they were allowed to pitch their ideas, product, or service before the sharks. The sharks could be VCs, Investors, or Mentors for these startups.

The “BIG FISH POOL” was planned along the lines of Shark Tank India.

One such is Shark Tank India, besides the other schemes carried out by the government and privately held companies. Still, not many entrepreneurs are aware of it, and even if they are, it’s not an easy way.

It’s a noble initiative for the startup ecosystem and Passionate Indian Entrepreneurs. Skills Panacea offered Entrepreneurship Development Program to all the finalists to play its role. As these startups are directly or indirectly generating employment, contributing to national development, solving problems, or upgrading humanity, Skills Panacea has given out these mentoring programs as a token of appreciation.

As serial entrepreneurs say, Entrepreneurship is less of an idea and more of an execution play; we need to screen an entrepreneur at various stages and for different capacities. He must be gauged as an innovator, revolutionist, or change maker. With that done, he has to be tested in various roles – leader, manager, employee, and a lot more. Clarity of idea/vision is crucial, but articulating to potential clients/stakeholders is vital for any startup. Similarly, the performances of self and team members are to be tracked, managed, and gradually improved. One of the other stages is generating revenue, beating the competition, and keeping with the demands of the industry. These skills are essential to have as an entrepreneur. If he has these characteristics, it’s good, but he can still learn even if he doesn’t.

The essentiality is to have an undefeatable character. From its experience mentoring educational institutions and corporates, Skills Panacea has realised the gap and the segments entrepreneurs

can lack. With this in mind, Skills Panacea curated programs along the line of developing the entrepreneur as an individual. The Start-up can be created with him as the locus. The winners are awarded the

“CXO Training Program: – Driving Growth and Development,” a 12- week program aiming to lay the foundation for entrepreneurship, building teams and organisations, managing clients, generating revenue,

developing all team members, and embracing change. The top two runner-ups are awarded “Laying The Foundation Of a Successful Startup.” An 8-week training program helps entrepreneurs decode their entrepreneurial journey, develop plans and SOPs, develop organisational development tools, define and achieve outcomes and design the management toolkit. Besides this, all the top 50 finalists have been awarded “Ins and Outs Of Entrepreneurship,” a day-long program for entrepreneurs to define goals, get clarity, form teams, manage them, and sustain the business in the long run.

Ms Snehal Malpani, the founder and CEO of Skills Panacea, during her keynote address, said, “Entrepreneurship isn’t about self, it’s an act of being selfless.” Skills Panacea understands that entrepreneurship isn’t a role but a long phase. It takes time to get things done, so all these programs come with extended support ranging from 2 weeks to 12 weeks post-completion.

As experts believe, entrepreneurship is different from business. Skills Panacea’s motive for participating in THE BIG FISH POOL is to help entrepreneurs understand this notion. Because only when they do this,  they’ll be able to create an impact, innovate change, and create value for their product. Not just this, Skills Panacea wants these entrepreneurs to understand the significance of entrepreneurship for humanity and its prosperity. Their team strongly believes that had entrepreneurship been like business, even innovation would have been commoditised. Team of Skills Panacea says, “We are grateful to be CT University’s first choice mentoring partners. They have embarked on a journey to foster individual and national growth, and the same is a part of our organisation’s mission. This collaboration is an opportunity for us to instigate entrepreneurial values in all these aspirants and to encourage their germination in multiple folds.”

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