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Socialite Shelly Singh, effortlessly being a metaverse personality Helping Out Corona Capsized Businesses Overcome Failure, making Real Estate A Women Friendly Work Place.



Shelly Singh, a metaverse socialite with an outspoken, dynamic personality, is from the Hadoti Kingdom, Rajasthan’s Kota city. He is a Bollywood songwriter who has written over 100 songs in five languages ranging from ghazal to Sufi, Rajasthani Maand, Bollywood, Indi pop, E.D.M. Punjabi, and R.A.P. His life motto is “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves,” which is similar to what his late father, Mr. Banasaab, believed. 

His company, Meta Realty International, is a top-tier real estate start-up and global behemoth dealing in commercial real estate worldwide. This concept is helping businesses sell running business quickly without hassle, freeing them from the clutches of brokers-made chakravyuh. As he said, we Are Arjuna of brokers made chakravyuh. He is a second-generation government contractor and estate agent working worldwide in Mumbai. “So when people ask me what is the best time to buy property in Mumbai?” Shelly explained. My friends, if you know, you know that Mumbai real estate is a ticking time bomb. The earlier you buy, the better, and the recession is simply an opportunity to upgrade and downgrade. Because of the inflow of national and international capital into Mumbai keeps real estate prices and spirits high.” “That’s why I say a Real Estate Agent is like wine; if you go cheap, don’t complain about headaches,” he added.

When asked, “What is better from the client’s standpoint?” “An estate agent must first be honest with the client,” he stated. If it is a rental apartment, carefully listen to the client’s requirements, take your time, look over, search, schedule an appointment, and show flats. If it is a resale apartment, provide the client with a thorough overview before planning a meeting. If a client wants to relocate for more than seven years, ask them to buy new leading developer flats, like Hiranandani, L&T, Rustomjee, Kalpataru, kanakia show them, bargain with them, and get them the best out of hidden inventory lying with the developers, with all freebies and documentation handled by you. The client should also listen to his agent, as holding properties sometimes is not profitable.

One should know when to enter and exit the Chakravyuh like Arjun, check O.C. readiness, property leasehold, etc.

We live in slums throughout Mumbai, so don’t go with the celebrity endorsement of online apps. Otherwise, your sea face would merely be a one sq ft sea view and rest slum or Ganda Naala View. All these apps are sulking your data and selling it to local gutka chewing Brokers. Rather than cleaning the Real Estate industry or working conditions for women in the running country sector. Good Developers & Brokers Never break the trust of Customers, but they are very Few.

This is why we have given space to list & sell direct premium properties, industries, and celebrity houses on our website, where we will help you get the perfect buyer with L.O.I., not wasting your time.

” Meta realty international specializes in influencer properties, and one of his many clients is celebrity properties like Jaaved Jaffrey, Neelam Kothari, etc. He receives celebrity endorsements from stars such as Rithvik Dhanjani, Kiku Sharda, etc.

Suppose you want to buy a cruise casino or resort in South Asia or start a pharmaceutical or other industry in South Asia or the Middle East for a few billion dollars. In that case, he is the RIGHT person to approach. Also, suppose you are looking for Foreign Development Investment, a Heritage Property, or an Article of Desire to give to a loved one. He has been selling resorts such as the J.W. Marriott in Udaipur, Regenta in Pushkar on profit share “model,” and a few others across the country, as well as casinos in Goa, Nepal, Bangkok, etc.

As an Electronics Engineer from jodhpur by training, he has designed intelligent homes, home cinemas, P.A. systems, club sound, and F bar of Mumbai designed by his earlier boss Narendra pal Singh of Delhi, from his firm audio jewelers in 2012. He is selling 200 types of robots, audiovisuals, home cinemas & every kind of sound speaker & Electronics all over the world under the umbrella of cloud9 International Concierge & Entertainment Services (Cloud9 I.C.E. ). His concierge and sales skills will get you moon dust and a rare Russian breed puppy from all over the world. Also, you can book Indian & International celebrities and after-parties from his event team.

Furthermore, his annual E-magazine/calendar Shelly’s Angels, introduces new talent in Bollywood while also providing casting and production services. And his YouTube channels are becoming increasingly popular. 

His annual Real Estate Awards for women Achievers is an inspiration for many women to work in Real Estate to Live their million-dollar baby dream.

Shelly Singh is an inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their passion, whether singing or real estate; he is a multitasking genius. His friend Samarveer Singh Hada & His Family always says it is difficult to understand Him, but they always supported him in my decisions. 

Samar veer Singh Hada, a District Manager R.S.L.D.C. posted at Chittorgarh collectorate, a beautiful city of Maa Rani Padmavati, used to remind Him, ” Mann ke matt na chaliye mann ke matt anek jo mann par aswaar hai wo sadhu koi ek.”

His overall Family is service class giving duties in Alen, Government, Engineers, & Convent school Lecturers.

He and his Father were only Entrepreneurs.

Shelly Singh says I don’t go to work to earn money; I work to win hearts and influence people; money is a choice.

By the day, meta realty / cloud9 I.C.E. Services/ Jmaya Constructions/ Nange pair ( unofficially foundation) had helped many people with depression and Living an Ecstatic OSM LIFE as everyone wants.

More information about his work can be found at

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