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Spirituality in the past few years has become more common than ever. For many, Spirituality begins with the idea of Yoga and perhaps some form of meditation. And this comes with an age-old belief that a guru or a teacher is required to teach you the techniques and guide you through the journey.

In 1990, a new-age Spiritual organization named “Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement” was established that has been sweeping the New-Age Spiritual revolution by demystifying this belief and sharing the simple fact – “Our Breath is our Guru”. 

The past 30 years have been about door to door, village to town to city awareness drives for spreading Meditation, highlighting the need for Vegetarianism and the knowledge of Pyramid Energy and Spiritual Science to one and all.

With the digital revolution picking up, the movement under the stewardship of Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji has launched India’s very first New-Age Spiritual Science Channel in the National language under the name, Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) Hindi. With the vision of presenting the “Universal Spiritual Science Truth – As it is”, the channel brings a continuous stream of positivity using the power of media to transform every life, one at a time. Breaking the myths that Spirituality – the channel is a culmination of spiritual truths, scientific evidence and personal transformation experiences.

Each show innovatively documents testimonials of real-life transformation stories of new and senior meditators who healed themselves completely of physical and mental ailments, improved their relationships, found success in their professional life and even uncovered their purpose of life.. all through the simple practise of Meditation. 

The channel is also a repository of Spiritual Science concepts with reviews and deep study of Spiritual books written across all ages and times. Subjects such as Astral travel, power of thought, manifestation science, Soul planning, Law of karma, Life after death, philosophy schools of Vedanta, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism and much more are discussed through various talk shows by experts so that a holistic lifestyle is easily adoptable by all. Further, experts on subjects of Health and Wellness provide live consultation to participants to fulfill our vision of a medicine free, self empowered, holistic lifestyle. And ofcourse, the simple technique of Meditation is also taught everyday to beginners on the channel along with offline support at Meditation centers to further their spiritual practise.  

Headquartered in New Delhi with hub locations in Ludhiana, Raipur, Nagpur and Solapur, this New-Age Lifestyle channel is free from any advertisements, with only positive content being relayed 24×7. 

PMC Hindi started as a YouTube Channel in 2019, now with over 97k+ subscribers, it is also available across all leading cable operators such as Siti Cable (channel # 537), Den Network (channel #255), Indigital & NXTDigital (channel #966), distributing to over 2 crore households across India. 

Vision of truth in every home, घर घर में सत्य का दर्शन, one day at a time, to bring the light of truth to everyone.

Come, get a glimpse into Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, with PMC Hindi. Get a glimpse into the shows that PMC Hindi produces through our YouTube Channel

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