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Prince Sethi is an experienced digital marketer from Moradabad responsible for the branding and promotion of marketing of world-class companies. He designs and monitors the execution of a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, traffic, and sales.”

Prince is an ace Digital marketing expert, digital marketing consultant, freelancer, and digital marketing trainer. He conducts training and live masterclasses where he has mentored individuals, corporate people, and other entrepreneurs on Digital marketing strategies, social media management, SEO, Branding, and sales. He is an expert digital marketer who helps build a bridge between businesses and the online world, guides them to sell products and services, and advises companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes on the best way to reach their customers.

An excerpt from the latest conversation with Prince Sethi

  1. Please tell us about your journey as a Digital Marketer and a consultant.

Prince – I started my career with international BPO (technical support and sales), worked for a few years, and with that switched to digital marketing. I was driven by the fact that Google Ads and other advertising channels generate calls for BPO, and that’s what made me change to digital marketing for the quest of learning. I began learning from YouTube, then started buying domain and hosting and researched a lot along with experimenting. So from there started my journey as a professional digital marketer. I have begun collaborating with education, inhouse immigration, e-commerce companies, and now I am also providing mentoring. I have a team of over 50 freelancers now, and I have a Business listing  on Google  too,  from where I get national and international projects from Google. I have a plan for drop-shipping business as well shortly. It’s been seven years now I have been providing service in the field of Digital marketing & now Providing Digital marketing professional Training from a well known brand.

2. How do you advise an individual, an entrepreneur, or any company as a Digital Marketing consultant?

Prince –  I work on creativity and design the strategy for the business to grow if any business goes down. We outline the structure of Do’s and Don’ts in a trade from digital marketing; I help companies organise ideas and concepts and work on growth hacks by putting different project stages into motion from the initial brainstorm to its execution.

3. Please enlighten yourself about your personal life.

Prince – Besides being a digital marketer, I am a wanderer too, and I love solo travelling. My love for travelling has inspired me to start a travel gallery shortly. As a solo traveler, I began my first bike trip to Nepal. Now I own a Thar, a Royal Enfield, where I take adventure trips. I am a gym addict and a dog lover. I have a quintessential motivation for myself and the people in my team. I have learned a lot from my personal and professional life mistakes, which eventually made me wiser. I keep myself updated and learned as per the latest trends of the Industry. As a digital marketing trainer, I provide training to international students too from scratch. 

4. So, what’s your opinion about the importance of Digital Marketing for any business irrespective of its size?

Prince – With seven years of rich experience in Digital Marketing, I have acquired a clientele of over 1000 happy clients. Still, if I talk about the importance, Digital marketing is essential for every business for various reasons:

  1. I am ranking your business, which must be as good as the services delivered as it is a two-way street.
  2. Online presence is vital for brand awareness. At times, gaining is easy, but maintaining it becomes challenging. In that case, a digital marketer chalks out a strategy to carry along with enhancing brand awareness.
  3. Digital marketing is the primary key for lead generation that helps identify, attract, and transform online users into prospects for a business using tactics and strategies such as email campaigns, paid social media ads, and many more.

5. Do you think everybody can become a Digital marketer, or is it a must to possess specific skills?

Prince – Yes, if anyone wants to become a Digital Marketer, one needs to learn specific skills such as SEO, SMM, Content marketing, Business management skills, conversion optimisation, Analytics, reporting, Paid to advertise, and other marketing ways.

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