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Stop losing money in paid advertising. 29-year-old Vishnu Hari is putting predictability back in advertising.



From working as an Operations Manager at Airbnb to becoming an Agency Owner with clients like Microsoft, IIT’s, Vishnu shares his insights on the persuading power of storytelling, offer creation, and increasing customer value that helped him generate more than $50k+ profitably for clients in less than 20 months.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” 

This statement made by John Wannamaker a century ago stands true for digital marketers even today.

Everybody and can run a Facebook ad. There’s nothing complicated about it. Some even make money initially. People start losing money when they don’t know anything about strategy. Then they start blaming the advertising platform. Platforms like Google and Facebook will keep changing their algorithms every weekend. But your ads won’t get affected if you have systems in place. 

It all began with Mr. Suresh Balachandar. He introduced Vishnu to the field of digital marketing. Mr. Balachandar took Vishnu under his wings as a mentee and taught him the ins and outs of this vast field of online sales and conversions. Along with Indian mentors, Vishnu was mentored by many international advertising professionals.

Bryan Mills, The king of Offers and Systems; Mirro Salim, Sweden’s Youngest Forbes under 30 entrepreneurs; Samuel.P. Cook, Master of Story Funnels and Frank Kern, the dyslexic advertising genius, personally revealed to him firsthand how to craft internet campaigns that sell like crazy regardless of the industry being advertised for and many more.

He trained under Michael. R. Drew to understand how social trends keep shifting from time to time. It’s these upgraded and changed social algorithms that one needs to understand more than the advertising algorithms. Algorithms are merely tools to sell so effectively that the customers don’t even know when they decided to buy.

He trained with Andrew Hacket to understand how everything a person does is out of love or fear. Two of the strongest emotions known to man. “I don’t need to say that humans are slaves to emotions. Consumers will buy something emotionally first and they use logic to rationalize it to their mom or girlfriend or to whomever they are answerable to,” says Vishnu chuckling while remembering how he did this even after working for years in marketing.

But all this wasn’t enough.

Vishnu kept learning and investing in himself to understand human behaviour. It was why his marketing campaigns kept giving a 2X to 6X return on advertising money spent! 

Vishnu takes great pride in the word of mouth marketing. ” If you can sell something without paid ads you will be able to sell anything with paid ads. It simply means the offer is working.”

Now that the offer is confirmed, we can move towards paid ads and creating funnels. Scaling a campaign becomes much more accessible, and far less money is wasted on testing. Yes, Vishnu has a framework for scaling too. He calls it the five pillars of intent-based predictable scaling, which consists of:

Audience means the people who want your service.

Offer means the transformation that the audience will get.

Funnel means a series of web pages placed strategically to make your customers stay in the sales loop.

Message means how the offer is communicated.

Image means the visuals like the design, colour, etc.

Vishnu has scaled multiple eCommerce brands and digital products by coaches, course creators, and consultants to 7 figures using the above five pillars. 

Today Vishnu has his agency and also trains others to start their own. He also helps coaches, course creators, and consultants get more clients online. From not knowing anything about social media marketing to working with international brands, Vishnu’s journey as a digital marketer to agency owner to a trainer has been an exciting one.

 “This is just the beginning,” says Vishnu, as he hops on to another client, “At the heart of my training and agency, is the intention to help people realize that advertising is not an expense but a profitable investment if done with the right knowledge of consumer psychology.”

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