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‘Stories from India’ to mark India’s 73rd Republic Day.



Mumbai: A creative participation competition named ‘Stories from India’ is being organised to mark the 73rd Republic Day of India under the aegis of Treta Marketing and Services Pvt Ltd, in which writers, artists, photographers, content creators are being invited to creatively present their ideas/arts on various aspects of India to be featured on the global news portal and e-zine ‘On the Dot’.

Aditya Tikku, Founder, ‘On the Dot’ while sharing his views about this competition, said, “Republic Day honours the date January 26, 1950, as on this date, 73 years ago, the Constitution of India came into effect by replacing the Government of India act (1935). The country officially transits to a sovereign republic. With nearly 1400 dialects and 18 officially recognised languages, many religions, various forms of art, architecture, literature, music and dance, and many ways of life, India represents the largest democracy. It presents a remarkable picture of unity in diversity which is probably not seen anywhere globally. On this occasion of great significance, we are glad to announce this competition to explore the creative instinct of all the citizens of India and encourage them to pen, paint or record their own stories highlighting the rich heritage of India.”

Swapnil Shukla, Associate Editor, ‘On the dot’, said, “Republic Day is a pivotal day in India, and as citizens, we take immense pride in celebrating the many facets of being Indian. It is a day for us to look back at our rich heritage and cultural history while looking forward and paving the way with opportunities galore for future generations. To celebrate the auspicious occasion of India’s 73rd Republic Day, our editorial team has developed some creative posters showcasing the diversity and range of vibrant cultures that bring this colourful nation to life through ‘Mandala’, the wonderful art of ancient India to connect the universe with geometrical shapes. Keeping up with the patriotic spirit, we are taking inspiration from the people of India—the culture, traditions, history, and architecture.” 

While throwing light on her journey with ‘On the Dot’, she further said, “It was the culmination of a rather insane several months in which a whole crew of people burned countless hours to make this dream a reality. Last year, we’ve published over 3000+ stories; 9 issues of On the Dot e-zine; launched one of a kind campaign ‘She Own’, dedicated to help and recognise the talent of every woman entrepreneur and highlighted the real life stories of unsung s/heroes who displayed great courage in the face of adversity. We maintained a consistent flow of content on the critical issues affecting the globe. We believe that, ‘A free press is the lifeline of democracy’, that is why the foundation of ‘On the Dot’ lies on Fearless, Fair and Free Journalism. Our goal is to provide our readers unbiased global news that gives them a real picture of the whole world and unveils the other side of the stories. There is a great team of people who have helped make this happen over the past year, and we look forward to working with them and many others to see what we can do over the next year.”

Rishabh Shukla, Managing Editor, On the Dot, said, “The diversity of India, of our civilisation, is actually a thing of beauty, which is something we are extremely proud of. No doubt, the culture and heritage of India is the amalgamation of the past and the present. With origins that stretch back hundreds of years, musical instruments, classical dance forms, tourist places, local trains, buses, auto-rickshaw featured in our mandala posters are just a few examples of India’s rich heritage and culture. From Taj-Mahal to India Gate, the mandala posters also capture the wide array of fauna like the national bird, classical arts, textile and dances.”

Launched on 25th November 2020, the bilingual global news portal and e-zine ‘On the Dot’ bringing to life the vision of ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ delivers the latest news, analysis, comment, in-depth coverage of politics, business, sport, environment, arts, history, food, travel, health, lifestyle, current affairs and brings into sharp focus the most important Politico-Cultural stories that are shaping contemporary India.

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