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Strong Alliance- IB Solar joins hands with INVT for Grid-tied Inverters



The solar company of the year – IB Solar, recently announced its partnership with INVT exclusively for their grid-tied inverters. The channel partnership marks an important milestone for IB Solar as it integrates cutting-edge exported technology with the prowess of made-in-India solar panels. 

IB Solar seeks to bring India closer to its net-zero carbon economy goal through this strategic alliance.

Over three decades, IB Solar has maintained its leadership in the Indian solar panel manufacturing industry. IB Solar scored its place in the MNRE’s ALMM (Approved List of Models and Manufacturers), complying with the most competitive BIS standard. For consumers, installing on-grid IB Solar rooftop systems will help them ride through voltage fluctuations and prevent unexpected power cuts and hefty electricity bills. The results are even more promising for business/ factory owners; a robust solar system will provide uninterrupted productivity and help them mitigate significant operational costs. 

Commenting on the partnership announcement, Mr Abhinav Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer, of IB Solar, said, “IB Solar is making a strategic move by joining hands with the Shenzhen-based inverter company (INVT). Integrating their latter-day technology and wide range of inverters will help boost our reach in the Indian renewable energy market. 

The Indian renewable energy sector has witnessed tremendous success in installing renewable power generation capacity in the last few years. With this alliance, we will be able to offer our customers a robust solar infrastructure at competitive rates.” 

IB’s new partner, INVT (Shenzhen Electric Co. Ltd.,) has had a stronghold on industry automation and energy power since 2002. It is committed to providing the best product and services at a competitive range. 

INVT is in fact, the industry’s first A-share listed company on the Shenzhen stock exchange. The company now owns 15 subsidiaries, 40 branches, and more than 4000 employees across over 100 countries. 

Furthermore, the inverter company has made a prominent mark in the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and Solar pump controller market. Solar water pumps are popular for their optimum usability and performance that extends applicable voltage levels and power range of the product. While the VFDs have earned a special market preference for their excellent performance and rich function. The alliance with India’s leading solar manufacturer, IB Solar, will give INVT a wider reach and higher sales in the very potent Indian solar market. 

INVT on-grid solar inverters are meant for the Indian market and are a perfect match to IB Solar’s wide range of panels. The inverters offer a higher yield, silent operation, and aesthetics. 

The INVT inverters are available in a wide range sectioned in single-phase and three-phase inverters promising higher suitability for Indian residential and commercial spaces. 

With such lucrative partnerships and newer product additions (all-weather Monocrystalline solar panels), IB Solar Pvt. Ltd. is taking constant leaps in placing the new India among the top countries to utilize solar energy at its optimum potential. The renowned solar manufacturing company has commissioned various EPC projects amassing great popularity among several north-Indian states like– Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan & Uttarakhand. With sturdy products, better service, and multiple governments and international recognitions up on its sleeve, IB Solar is gradually becoming one of the most preferred brands for solar installation in the domestic market. 

Owing to such strategic tie-ups and extensive industry experience in the domestic and 10+ international markets, the solar manufacturing giant is bound to touch its next milestone of a 500 MW solar module expansion line in FY 2023 and will soon make solar energy the mainstream source of power in India by 2030. 

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