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Studio Act Production House – The genuine production house is now back after a gap of 3 years



In the era of today, with many creative individuals reaching out to art forms to convey their ideology, perspectives, and perceptions, cinema is not just a source of entertainment. It’s more than just a source of relief or fun for people. Cinema is a medium for exchanging knowledge, educating people, telling great stories, and transporting the audience to another world. Apart from the directors, writers, and actors, great cinema requires a passionate producer. A good film is produced by one who believes that cinema can change the course of things and who is most passionate about bringing out a quality film that the audience deserves to see. Studio Act Productions is one such prestigious production house that has always aspired to create fine works and has now returned to the market after a three-year hiatus. 

Studio Act Production is a Delhi NCR based production house that was founded by Anshul Bindal, a well-known name who has been working in the film industry for more than 10 years. He was associated with various projects in production and event industry across various cities in India. Anshul Bindal has worked with many big names in the industry, such as Kailash Kher, Salman Khan, John Abraham, Neha Dhupia, Sunny Leone, and the list never ends. He had also worked as a casting director with many big houses, such as Balaji Telefilms and Yash Raj Films. Anshul Bindal has also worked for many famous channels such as MTV, UTV Bindass and for many famous shows like MTV Splitsvilla, Dare to Date, Emotional Atyachar and Savdhaan India.

After working with many such big names and big organisations and after gaining wide exposure through collaboration with many famous and experienced people in the industry, Anshul Bindal felt that the number of genuine production houses in the industry is very rare and that the industry is seriously in need of production houses that promote good content and talent and redefine cinema and entertainment. That thought moved him, and that was the moment of inception for Studio Act Production. The team of Studio Act Production consists of 12 talented members, and the house does not only deal with movies alone but has also ventured into event production as well.

Studio Act Production was started with a genuine motive, and they completely believe and work to produce the best output and keep up the trust and faith of the customer. They are keen on launching new faces and new talents that truly deserve an opportunity. Studio Act Production  has collaborated with e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart and has done ad shoots for these giant firms. Studio Act Production has summed up a lot of experience and expertise in the areas of fashion shows, reality shows, brands, the hospitality industry and live concerts. They also made a name for themselves by organising album shoots and wedding shoots, as well as contributing to pre-production and post-production work. Studio Act Production is one of the best names in dealing with fashion shoots, celebrity shoots, portrait shoots, album shoots, commercial shoots, video production, product shoots, casting, celebrity management, and artist management.

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