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Superwoman of Pixie & Pexels – Urooj Fatima



Urooj Fatima is a 20 year old medical aspirant who belongs to the state of Uttar Pradesh in india 
She started a publication with her best friend Khushi Sharma named Pixie & Pexels which is not just any publication house but a blooming family.They provide the platform, rest writers do the magic.As their name says Pixie & Pexels – they give a magical touch to their books i.e. love.They understand the value of each and every book as it isn’t just a book but a dream.Visit for more information 
She also is the Managing Director of The Metanoiah which is an NGO that aims to fight social stigmas, support women, encourage talent, promote afforestation, focus on mental health and supporting old age homes and orphanages.Visit for more information.
She is also an affiliate marketer so she also helps young entrepreneurs, students and people to earn passive income and help them grow.

Her passion is writing and it has influenced her always to be a better version of herself. She writes to free the feelings from the cage of her heart and find it simply beautiful and liberating, to share her silent hours with her noisy heart and chaotic mind. Sometimes, she feels if she doesn’t ink down her thoughts, her feelings would weigh her down till the point she loses herself. 

She always felt herself the kind of person who couldn’t work for someone or work under someone. She always had these ideas roaming in her mind which she wanted to implement but couldn’t because there was no platform and She just wanted to be the change she wished for, She wanted to let the world know that yes you can be anything you wish to, you can create your own opportunities and she always thought that she had those skills to be a leader and not a boss. 

Harsh-her best friend, her cousins, her friends and her trio have always been the people who motivate her at every point of life. Also supportive teachers played a major role in that aspect. 
In the list of her inspirations she would start with Harsh. She says she owes her life to him. Her inspiration is her squad – Aashi Toor, Anmolprit and Khushi Sharma , they are the people who have inspired her by their hard-work, selflessness and loving nature and always motivated her to become a better version of her.If she is here today, she owes it to these three people, specially Khushi. If it weren’t her she would’ve never been able to achieve all this.

-Started the publication Pixie & Pexels
-CEO the initiative Mission Hope
-Managing director of THE METANOIAH 
-Founded five communities to appreciate all kind of talents The Inkversing Community. Mellow Harmonies Picturesque Shots Satisfying Strokes and Dancing Dynasty
-Spectrum Budding Awardee. 2021
-OMG Book of Record Holder for the anthology, KHOJ
-Amazing Indian Record for the anthology VAMIKA.
-Nominated for Best Port Award 2021
-Compiled five anthologies and alot ongoing
-Co authored in 20+ anthologies
-Intern at International Model United Nations 
-Attended IMUN Conference
-Volunteer at Young Volunteers Organisation
-Volunteer at OLIHfor Covid Awareness and resource.
-Won 2nd position in amongst neighbouring districts in Mathematics
-Published in Vibgyor
-Classico Opino June Edition International Magazine Interview
-Featured on The Online Journal, Vascodegama The Weekly Mail, The Daily Beat, Google News, Flipboard, Entrepreneur Ethics, Fox Interviewer andDailyhunt

-Won Stellar’s youth exemplary awards in the catagory for Best Entrepreneur
– Won the Best People award in the Catagory Best Entrepreneur by Achiever’s award
-Won Spectrum Shoorveer Award for being a COVID warrior
-Awarded the Best Entrepreneur award by Kalam Ratna Awards. 
-Nominated as ‘Influencer of the year, 2021’ by AWW Awards. 
 She is currently a Medical Aspirant, done with her senior Secondary and as of now it’s all going pretty well. She hopes to be better at it as life is all about learning and growing.It is challenging to be a student and also have your own startup but she is glad that it is going great right now and hopefully would do in future too.
 Her future plan is to convert her startup to a Brand and also help more and more people through The Metanoiah (NGO)Along with that she aspires to be an example to all the Girls (especially Muslim girls) out there, who think they cannot do anything on their own and help by playing her part, in making the country Independent one.
She advices the audience and budding entrepreneurs that,Once you decide to go for it, just go. Don’t think about what if you’ll fail but just think about how much it means to you.And you’ll face so many hardships, trust me a million but as they say nothing comes easy. You will have to give everything to your startup but you’ll do it if you have faith in your own self.There would be so many haters when you start progressing, they will copy your ideas, your plans or would always find ways to demotivate you, just don’t let them stop you. Figure out what’s important – the people stopping you or your dream.Work hard and you’ll definitely love the journey.
The people who would like to connect with her can contact me on her

Instagram – @uhroooj / @writersbae

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