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Suraj P Satheesh – Story of one of the youngest NLP trainer and an Entrepreneur



Busting the myth of ‘Quality learning = High cost’ social Entrepreneur Suraj P Satheesh established online platform via zoom and Google meet with the initiative to provide world class online coaching and training at an affordable cost. The virtual coaching platform was introduced so that the students can interact with their dream professionals and celebrities and get to know more about their sphere of learning. With this initiative the courses, mentorship and trainings are provided in improvising the skills of the students so that they remain prepared for jobs or pursue their passion in their specific field.

Being a NLP and TA certified Suraj has started his career as NLP trainer at the age of 18. He is one of the youngest NLP trainers from India and stands out with his humble nature and the accolades he has earned in his professional career.  Suraj comes with solid Educational and professional background from top-notch Institutions in India. He has a bachelor degree in commerce from St. Aloysius College Thrissur and has a master degree in Human Resource Management from Rajgiri Business school in Kerala and EPCGP from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), in Raipur. As an undergraduate in St. Aloysius College he initiated management fest called Revaloysius.

Suraj has rich experience in working with Edu Tech Industry for 4 years in the capacity of senior Business Development Associate, Assistant Manager (Business Development) and Circle Manager. He work with students as a coach and NLP therapist to understand their thinking, behavioral patterns, emotional state and seek to build an effective communication so that it can be helpful for them to increase the creativity and problem-solving skills to move forward. An Avid thinker and a strategist, who is ambitious to bring revolutionary changes in service sector, failures are the stepping stones towards success and he proves it. Dotado India Pvt Ltd and WroTech was his first two initiatives but both gave him new learnings and experience. WroTech was a startup with an idea to heal phobias using AR and VR.

He had acquired the skill of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional analysis with a motive to help people and communicate more effectively, learn faster and develop a personality to achieve higher quality in life by adopting a structure for a happier way of life.

He has the ability to understand people in depth and as he always says “You must have faith in yourself and many a time certain circumstances may force you to think that you aren’t worthy, you will feel hopeless and helpless. You need to think good of yourself to experience better things in life.”

As a matter of fact, Education and the cost around it is the major concern for every parent, thinking about this concern 26 year old Suraj is gearing up to launch a platform called “THINK NOW INDIA” specifically for the students to gain quality learning from the subject matter experts all across the globe at a nominal fee. The venture will be officially launched by the end of December 2021.

Being a self believer, Suraj is striving to accomplish his dream that he has kept intact since a very young age to impart his precious laurels of knowledge through his learning platforms to the students. Now he has pooled all expert teachers to teach the Kids virtually via Zoom and Google meet platforms with a goal to impart quality, yet affordable education without compromising with the future of the kids.

Suraj can be connected at – surajpsatheesh@gmail.comInstagram –

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