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Sushil Jaiswal: Top magician with Guinness Book of World Record is dazzling his fans with the art of magic



Sushil Jaiswal from New Delhi hold the Guinness Book of World Records for his immense passion towards magic and eventually listed amongst the Top 10 Magicians in India”

We all enjoy magic, though performing a trick on magic is quite tough but Sushil’s speed, accuracy, and perfect timing in his art of magic is leaving his fans awestruck in a curious way. Find out about the magician Sushil Jaiswal who has come out on top in the magic industry. Also known by the name of Sushil Jazz AKA ‘The Brain Unlocker’ he is a Mentalist, Digital Illusionist, Guinness Book of World Record Holder and an International Magic Creator.

Hailing from the National Capital of India, Sushil Jaiswal is one of the accomplished talented magicians in India who is making it big in the magic industry with his art of magic performing all across the globe entertaining people of all ages and community at large. His tremendous skill of Reading minds elevated him into the fraternity of Best Mentalists in India, henceforth he is also known as “The Brain Unlocker”. He is also an Illusionist and performed various acts of illusion that deceives the eye of the people around and entertained his fans by creating unusual things in real life.

He is a man who never spares any effort in delivering a remarkable prowess when it comes to displaying eye-opening magic tricks. He is an expert in performing all kinds of creative magic from Reading Minds to performing Illusions that makes it hard for the audience to resist his charm. His utmost dedication towards the world of magic made him the Best Magician in Delhi and listed amongst the Top 10 Magicians in India.

He performs live magic at stage shows where he appeals to his audience with his innovative card tricks, mind reading skills and illusion stunts. In addition to this, he also puts on Customized magic performances at corporate events and conclaves in which he customize the logo or message of your company into creative magic acts. He gave magic a digital angle, and now he uses his I-PAD to carry out some jaw dropping and creative magic tricks. He covers a list of shows from birthday parties, wedding receptions, virtual shows to corporate events and product promotions. His distinctive way of presenting his skills turns out to be jaw dropping for the audiences.

He has entertained people all across the country by executing a number of astounding magic shows, displaying a handful of innovative tricks with his cards and what not. He is a Delhi based Illusionist who performed various stunts that deceives the eye and leaves a striking impression on his audiences. His strange style of creating experience amongst his audiences soared him high to the world by making his way into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records.

If you are looking forward to organizing a corporate event or any private party, wedding party, logo launching event or any other event, Sushil Jaiswal has got all the sparks and quirks to make any event into a huge success. Hence, if you want your event to make a mark in the mind of your guests then you must welcome your guest into his world of magic and witness some of the best magic tricks of the world. Keep visiting his website to experience the unreal and breadth stopping magic tricks. Needless to mention, Magic tops the list when it comes to entertainment.

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