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Swami Priyamji cultural meet with Dr. Pramod Sawant, Goa Chief Minister



Goa always has a perception of the small Union territory. Visitors have just one motive to enjoy their holiday and have party vibes all day & night. But what is brewing in the state govt is something totally different. At least this is what was discussed when the honorable CM of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant met with the Swami Priyam Ji.

Swami Priyam Ji met with the CM of Goa on the 16th of May, 2022 addressing the state that how our spiritual and cultural heritage should be preserved. They discussed the spiritual inclination of the population and how it can be spread across the state. Swami Ji has a great motive, always putting one step ahead in spreading Dharma and promoting people to know about their heritage and the origins. He always asks to know about the Vedas and how they summarize our life’s motives. In a very healthy environment, Swamiji and the CM had a long discussion over how this can be preserved and promoted in their state. Swami Ji extends his support to the CM for establishing a Dharm-nisth Bharat. They also discussed how the solidarity could be maintained and govt. could work along with the saint-samaj so that there will be an environment of religious equality and cultural freedom. Swamiji is relentlessly working for the cultural and spiritual development of our country, meeting with different people of different regions to make us unite for an idea of a progressive and developed county and how India with its rich heritage and culture could help in this vision.

Swami Ji also proposed that with the collaboration of saint- samaj and all other respective representatives, we could work on cleaning the Image, and environment and restoring the culture of Goa. In the recent decade, Goa is also battling pollution and garbages. Tourist is the only one who is in the place of preserving the culture and the environment, they are polluting it. This doesn’t show a good reflection of a beautiful state. The current state govt is taking several measures to tackle this issue and with the help of the administration and localities, they are trying their best to spread the awareness. Swami Ji supports such initiatives as he has always shown his love & affection for mother nature. Swami Ji has seen many times been part of such initiatives as he has shown his enormous support in the Namami Gange program. Swami Priyam Ji discussed with the CM regarding other common interests such as startup culture in goa, tourism developments, ease of doing business, and the political situation of India. Swami stressed the problem of water scarcity affecting the state during summer and proposed traditional techniques such as building ponds and planting more trees to increase the groundwater level. Swami also proposed a plan for a religious & cultural center in goa to make aware the tourists of the original culture that exists in goa, which is now limited to the period of Portuguese invasion and colonial rule. “Tourism would be a great way to showcase the real face of goa and its importance in Bharat”, swami said. Swami Priyam Ji offered full support to the honorable CM regarding any social project that will help in uplifting and rejuvenating the Sanatan Dharm in Goa.

Swamiji also talked about how Goa could be a center of attraction for its spiritual and cultural sense. They are hoping for a meet-up of saint-samaj in nearby months in the land of Goa to proceed with greater vision. Swami Ji has been seen always sharing and promoting his vision to make this country Dharm-nisth. He has always said that spiritualism is the way, through which we can conquest this path and be a greater nation all along.

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