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Syeda Aleena* is a genius kid who has a photographic memory, she has the ability to recall a past scene in detail with great accuracy just like a photograph.

*Early life of Syeda Aleena:*

Syeda Aleena was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka into a Muslim family on 06th September 2018. Furthermore, Syeda Aleena’s family realised she is a brilliant kid at the early age of 6 months.

At the age of 6 months she had counted her fingers till 5. This when her family realised she has a great memory and adapting skills.

She recognised pictures from 10 different books age of 9 month, into her 18 months she used to read English Alphabets with phonics, she could recall days of the week, English and Hindi numbers till 10, into her 22 months she could restate months of the year and 20 different rhymes.

Her avaricious power is so strong that she could repeat after listening to it once or twice, you show her thing she will replicate the same and never ever forgets, her list of activities and learnings kept her family astonished.

*Achievements of Syeda Aleena:*

At the age of 2 years 10 months she has set a new record in kids’ category by knowing the following things. Here are some of the things that were recording at that time. National Anthem of India, 12 historical places, 14 national symbols, Planets of the solar system, 30 different shapes, different colours, days of the week, Gregorian calendar months, 5 senses of the body, seasons of the year, 45 nursery rhymes, counting English and Kannada numbers from 1 to 100, Hindi numbers till 30, spellings of 30 words, English/Kannada/ Hindi/Arabic alphabets, 40 opposite words, body parts, formula of water with abbreviation, 40 different vehicles, 40 different animals, 16 baby animal names, 28 animal sounds, 15 different flowers, 30 birds, 30 fruits, and 38 vegetables, 9 Islamic prayers, reading flash cards, connecting the numbers and alphabet dots and much more.

*About Syeda Aleena:*

She loves playing football, currently she is showing great interest in chess, her all-time favourite game is hide and seek, she loves singing and dancing too. Her daily routine is learning new things, drawing, painting and she shows a huge interest in learning new things. Her all-time favourite toy is plastic doll (Ameemu) whom she carries always. Her dream is become a medical doctor and serve the needy once.

Adoring at her tremendous skills and talent her mother Afreen Shahapur and her father Syed Tauseef Pasha approached *Karnataka Book of Record* on 2nd December 2021 where she was nominated, recognised and honoured Syeda Aleena with a genius kid award in December of 2021.

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