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Tamal Mitra: Urban Farmer’s Organic Food Security Mission



 Tamal Mitra

Farming is an age-old profession always been seen as an unattractive job. Farmers are those who give us food, who help us to live, and give us the energy to create and innovate but always at the mercy of others.

Today we will talk about Mr Tamal Mitra of Dr Agro, an urban farmer. Tamal as he wants to be called has spent most of his professional career with MNCs as an IT professional and worked as an entrepreneur in Singapore as Business Consultant. Growing up in an urban environment, when we got the chance to speak to him about how his interest in farming has grown. He gave us a surprising truth, which we never had given any thought to. “The whole world is going to face an acute food shortage in the coming 10 years, and India will also get affected badly”.

Tamal has started Natural Farming with 20 Acres of land near Delhi and increasing in every month by 5 to 10 acres creating clusters around Delhi/NCR for vegetables. He also engaged 2500 farmers with land holding in UP and Haryana for staple crops and lentil farming. He is getting done using Organic and Natural process and is on a mission to offer chemical-free food to all. We find he has developed a deep appreciation for nature and a fascination with agriculture, he realized the potential of transforming urban spaces into productive green areas, leading him to embark on a remarkable journey as an urban farmer.

We explore the inception of Tamal’s urban farm. He transformed vacant lands, rooftops, or unused urban space, and he overcame various challenges, such as securing funding, obtaining permits, and navigating community support.

Tamal’s urban farm likely incorporated sustainable practices to address the unique challenges of farming in an urban setting. From rainwater harvesting to vertical gardening, his innovative and environmentally conscious approaches to farming.

Urban farming is not only about growing food but also fostering a sense of community. We explore Tamal’s urban farm becoming a gathering space, an educational hub, and a source of fresh produce for the local community presently in Delhi /NCR region. We request perhaps he should start workshops or educational programs to promote urban agriculture and inspire others to follow suit.

Like any journey, Tamal’s path as an urban farmer was filled with challenges and triumphs. He faced obstacles such as weather fluctuations, pest management, and economic pressures, as well as the moments of success that kept him motivated on this path.

Tamal’s vision for the future of urban farming is creating more green spaces in the city, or advocating for urban farming policies, Tamal continues to be a driving force in the sustainable agriculture movement.

Tamal’s journey as an urban farmer exemplifies the power of passion, determination, and community engagement. His story serves as an inspiration for others to embrace urban farming as a means to build greener, healthier, and more sustainable cities for generations to come.

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