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TEAS – Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti, an NGO with an unending list of contribution for the society



An NGO plays a key role in filling the gaps with respect to various development schemes executed by the government. They ensures that the poorest of the poor gets sustainable growth along with an access to Education, health benefits, proper meal, and any other essential services. Tarai Environment Awareness Samiti (TEAS) is one such Non Profit Organization established in 1996, pledged to cover the unbalanced growth of the society in collaboration with the government, with the initiative of serving the society at the grassroots levels in several ways.

TEAS follow a social development and welfare model approach with a focus on balanced growth of the society to ensure poverty eradication, sustainable growth and empowerment of the underprivileged people. TEAS being a grass root level organization focus on areas such as livelihood, Education, Disaster Management, Social Inclusions, Health, and Environment.

TEAS has served more than 5 Lakhs beneficiaries directly, with more than 250 initiatives and projects supported by Government of India, State Government, European Union, UN Bodies Like UNICEF, and UNDP. Along with serving the states of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra TEAS has a vast network of more than 25 active grass root level organizations to deliver the quality work directly to the beneficiaries.

TEAS have attracted increased attention and recognition for their contribution in the field of education. They are honored and awarded by the Ministry of HRD on the occasion of World CSR Day on the World Sustainability for its work in social sector. They spare no effort for development in the rural sector of India. Needless to mention, Rural India, in many ways, is the most diverse part of the planet. As the Indian countryside rushes through an excruciating transformation, accessibility to the resources disappears, leaving most of the population in a more impoverished state. TEAS focus on overall development of rural areas by laying stress on education, healthcare, women empowerment and social welfare leading to overall development of rural masses.

TEAS have empowered more than 1500 women farmers in agriculture, educated them with their socio economic rights, and provided them with free Seeds for agriculture linking them with Government policies and schemes. TEAS aim to incorporate Farmer Producer Company and for these 1500 Women Farmers were helped to avail the entire benefits of Government Schemes for their Agriculture Business.

TEAS have put in huge efforts in battling the coronavirus with respect to their role in tackling the pandemic with the huge support of the most vulnerable communities. TEAS in collaboration with government and district administration have provided more than 55k cooked meals to the quarantined people and distributed more than 85k ration kits to migrants, labors, Covid effected families, vulnerable communities, tribal’s, street vendors and so on. They have also procured oxygen cylinder and concentrator and made available at free of cost to the Covid effected people in the rural parts of India. They are committed in continuing their fight against hunger. They make sure no children or their families are barred from the vital care they deserve.

Their project SANG operated and regulated in the tribal parts of Maharashtra. TEAS with the implementation of project SANG work towards the education and empowerment of tribal women and adolescent girls for their menstrual health and hygiene by providing them with Free Sanitary Pads and braking taboos around menstrual hygiene. With an objective to bring empathy and empowerment in Young India they encourage them to speak and share about it. They also provide one on one session to make it more understandable for them and how the Menstrual Health & Hygiene Management is important for a healthy Life. They leave no stone unturned in creating a change in the mindset and that seemed to be more challenging since menstrual hygiene practices are structured by cultural and economic status and sometimes it is a part of socio economic pressure in the rural belts.

Owing to the surge in Covid-19 cases TEAS have implemented various strategies to scale up Covid-19 vaccination drive in the rural areas. With direction from the ministry of health affairs at the rising speed of the Covid cases TEAS stresses to carry this momentum forward and make sure all rural people are vaccinated.

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