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TFF Lifestyle Pvt Ltd: The top clothing brand for men to upgrade your lifestyle.



“Inner voice always urges everyone to choose a profession between Job and Business, Vishnu listened to his heart that paved his way to become the top manufacturer of men’s clothing in South India in 4 years.”

Intrigued by the idea of garment and reaching a wider audience, Vishnu Chandran, the founder and CEO of TFF Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, is helping fashion businesses around South India with their branded products like Polojack, For, Masters and slaves along with best designs.

TFF Lifestyle is a clothing manufacturing company that manufactures readymade men’s apparel for wholesale of men’s bottom wear Casual & Formal trousers, cargo pants, T-shirts, shorts, Capris, Jeans. The customers are typically small to medium-sized businesses, and they help by offering customised products as per their business and range of customers. And this has made TFF Lifestyle a brand for men’s wear attracting huge retailers across South India. They have multiple wholesale outlets at Kannur, Ernakulum, Calicut and Trivandrum in Kerala for Men’s cotton trousers and Jeans named Polo jack Store. They are now planning to launch a new wholesale outlet for T-shirts, Track Pants, Shorts, Shirts and Capris called WILLYS. The new t-shirt’s shop name is WILLY’S. It will be inaugurated on the 1st of November, 2021.

Twenty-seven-year-old Vishnu started TFF lifestyle Pvt Ltd in 2019 after his graduation. However, before that, it was formed in THE FASHION FACTORY (a proprietary firm) that is still functioning. He was always inclined towards business since his college days, so without wasting any moment immediately, he began his journey towards his dream despite getting many lucrative offers from many MNCs. He is pleased that his decision of making business his career is expanding day by day and progressing with a considerable customer base. However, he feels immensely blessed to have equal hardworking and diligent employees, workers and fashion designers whose effort and loyalty significantly contribute to the success of TFF lifestyle Pvt Ltd.

Garment and fashion never go out of style, and its demand keeps on increasing. Vishnu’s attitude of not saying no to anyone has developed a considerable client base for his business across South India. Indeed, being a successful entrepreneur and standing out in the market is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though it was not easy for him, his steadfast dedication, hard work, positive attitude, and perseverance have made him stand out as the top manufacturer of men’s clothing. He always believed and proceeded with this grand vision of becoming a leading manufacturer of high-quality men’s bottom wear and has carved a niche for himself in the Indian textile Industry.

TFF Lifestyle PVT LTD’s manufacturing unit collaborates with top companies in Bangalore for printing and dying works with a dedicated team that carefully ensures the best product. They spare no effort in maintaining the top-notch quality of their product as it is their topmost priority. They take pride in procuring the best raw materials for printing and designing. They are 100% customer-centric in their dealings, focusing on customer satisfaction and the affordable price of their brands and various designs.

Vishnu’s family has been very supportive of him, and they feel proud to see him in such a position. 

He said, “My family keeps on guiding me and suggesting me with valuable input related to business development and other matters at every step. Their motivation is something that kept me going. We want to see the TFF lifestyle reach its peak very soon, acquiring the market across India. We are working hard to enhance our brand name.”

He signs off with a very inspiring message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs “One must remain consistent and patient with what they have set for in fulfilling their dream. Challenges and hurdles are part of everyone’s life, and it does come, but you must give up instead remain focused with hard work and solutions that can help you in overcoming that hurdles.”TFF Lifestyle Pvt Ltd

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