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The Entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Dileshwar Singh Patil



Mr.Dileshwar Singh Patil, popularly known as Dilzee. His entrepreneurial journey started on 11th of November 2020, when the world was facing a pandemic due to COVID-19, but nothing ever stops a passionate person from moving following their passion, despite the obstacles on their way towards the top. After years of hardships and struggle, Dilzee realized that he was not born to be just an ordinary person working 5-days a week and compromising his dream to establish “The Chainsmokers” brand.

The idea of “The Chainsmokers” was only an idea until Dilzee realized that the time had come to implement this idea rather than just carrying it into my mind. The Chainsmokers is just not an ordinary café brand, but it is working in various lines of business, including Cafeterias, Accommodations, Food Supply, Travels and Entertainment sector.

Dilzee is also a great musician and a national football player and has been recognised by famous television celebrities after his rock band’s music video aired on MTV and VH1 network. Dilzee is a dedicated guy who is stubborn towards his goals and always wants to be the best player of whatever game he enters into. If we talk about his venture ‘The chainsmokers Cafeteria’ the brand has expanded to many cities of India and the best part is every weekend, there are live music shows at every outlet, making it gather music lovers from the artist community.

 The USP of this venture is they are also into their own merchandise store named ‘The Monkey Store’, where you get the huge collection of T-shirts, Hoodies, cell phone customised covers, Neon signages, Bands, Caps and many more seasonal trendy accessories. Also there is an assured return gift on some minimum billing across all the outlets from the merchandise.  ‘The Monkey Store’ name originated from the brand’s logo and its parent company ‘The Chainsmokers Cafe’.The venture is focusing to expand their lineups to 50+ outlets across PAN India by the end of financial year. aBeing enthusiastic about music, Dilzee knows that music plays a vital role in providing an ambiance and peaceful environment, leading to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Dileswar is a young entrepreneur, owning and running businesses in the Digital market Industry. He is also an avid traveler and holds a significant social media presence. Keying the skills of business development and business management, holding a good position in the network of investors and promoters.

Mr. Dileshwar Singh Patil has sold 17+ franchises of “The Chainsmokers” nationwide, but the target was to touch 50+ franchises within a year. Due to the global pandemic, all the businesses had significant losses while countries faced recession. Still, nothing stopped Mr. Singh followed his passion for pursuing his own brand, and “The Chainsmokers” still managed to sell 17+ franchises in these difficult situations.

The journey towards being a benchmark is now boosted as Mr. Dileshwar is flourishing his brands even in remote areas. As for now, Mr. Dileshwar is mainly focusing on providing hospitality and facilitating tourists in the best possible manner in famous tourist spots like;

            •           Ladakh

            •           Manali

            •           Munnar

            •           Sikkim

            •           Kasol e.t.c.

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