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The Miker’s Stage is a platform that welcomes writers, singers and other artists to showcase their abilities and communicate with a multitude of spectators. For gifted and artistic people, it is very important to quench the thirst for their talent. And this platform aims to help them do the same while interacting with individuals who enjoy the company and contributions of performers; unaffected by the differences in thoughts, creed, religion and language.  

An open mic refers to an event where artists perform to uplift their talent. For people who have something unique in them and have the desire to manifest that in the society, open mics are the platforms to satisfy their impulses. It is generally hosted by someone who introduces every performer. It is a live show where performers and audiences dive into beautiful performances.

Someone had once said that, “Talent wasted is the saddest thing in the world.” We don’t want that for you. We want your talent to be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged and appreciated. We intend to use social networking platforms, namely, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook so that we can connect with more number of people in less amount of time. 

As you know, several open mic events are happening right now. All the creative and passionate people are participating in it. We at The Miker’s Stage cater to provide them the space and environment so that meaningful interactions and collaborations can take place. Instant engagement and feedback can be garnered while motivating others across the country to put their best foot forward without the fear of being judged or criticised. It is ‘TIME TO TAP THE TALENT.’ 

Please make a note that we shall organize events online. Make sure you have the material ready that you wish to share during the session and we will guide you through the process. We at The Miker’s Stage and the world at large await to see you win our hearts and nourish our minds with your content. We assure you that this platform is going to be your very own favourite place that will provide you with your well-deserved fame.

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