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The New Face of Digital Growth in Business – Sunil Jangir



“To build a Successful Business, You need to Start Small and Dream Big. And take Action in Right Direction with Your Mentor or Business Coach.”

In this digital era of 21st Century, every business is moving towards the online segment. Either it’s Selling a Product or Teaching a Course, to Meet a Overseas Friend or Client, Ordering Food or Learn Cooking, everything is online. Every Business, either small or giant, moving online or planning to go online & digital.

And with the Competition over the Internet, many Business are facing a huge loss. Because they lack Point to Point Knowledge, No Experience, and most important they also lack Proper Guidance.

The internet is filled with lacs of Videos, Articles, Slides, Images and much more, having information about Business Growth. But 99% of the content is either Garbage or Lack Quality & Created without Experience.

But their are also a number of Businesses and Persons, who are actually Growing day by day. And Sunil Jangir is one of them.

A person started his StartUp Journey back in 2014 at the age of 16. A Half Engineer turned Entrepreneur, serving as A Business & Life Coach and helping Business & People Grow Online. Failed his 2 Startup’s, Successfully running his 3rd StartUp “HikeMeLive” (HikeMeLive Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) without any Angle Investment or Funding since 2016.

Sunil Jangir is an Indian Entrepreneur & Coach, specialised & International Certified in Digital Growth Business Coaching, NLP & Emotional Intelligence Life Coaching, and Make Money Online Coaching. He is on a mission to help 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs/Business Owners/Freelancers/Coaches/Experts grow their business online on complete automation.

In last 25 months, Sunil Jangir trained over a 5000+ Action-Takers and helped them to grow their business online, helped in achieving them the earning goals, helped in starting career in Making Money Online and more on automation system. And aiming to help 10000+ by the end of 2021.

According to him, A coach/mentor is always required to achieve what you dream. A coach hold you accountable, guide you, motivate you, and most importantly he shares his/her experience which is priceless. He always thank his mentors and teacher for making him capable to help others.

Sunil Jangir and his team at HikeMeLive make complicated process easy. With the exclusive Online Courses – “Digital Growth Mastermind” and “Self-Rule Business Model” anyone can start his/her Journey of Online Business and Can earn as much as you think, by doing whatever you like. Both of these are the premium courses only for action takers to make them achievers. After the Success of these courses, he is going to launch the updated version “DIGITAL GROWTH MASTERMIND 2.0” and “SELF-RULE BUSINESS MODEL 2.0” by Deepawali 2021. And if you need a handholding support for you or your business, you can join Extra Premium 1:1 and Group Coaching Sessions .

Apart from all these, Sunil Jangir is also a NLP & Emotional Intelligence Life Coach. And soon going to launch Online Programs for these two.

He always quote – “If a middle class boy from a small village, not even found on map easily can achieve his dreams, then any person can do anything.” He also add “Running a Business is not a Rocket-Science, it only require a Business Coach who can guide you with his Frameworks, Tools, and Strategies which he use in maintaining his business.” “Everyone should invest in learning, because this is the only investment which returns you more than you could imagine. And I’m still learning from leaders and their experiences shared in books, videos, interviews and I’ll keep learning till my last breath”- He said. His journey started with a Dell Laptop and 3×4 table in a rental room with 100% support from his father & family. He failed twice but never broke. He is a dynamic personality, and new face of Digital Growth, making Business Online Growth & Online Earning easy and fun.

If you want to grow your knowledge, productivity, and income, you too can join his premium courses and live your dream to the fullest. You can follow him on Instagram (@the_sun_jangir) and Facebook (/SunilJangir) or Visit – &, to know more about HikeMeLive, visit –

Thank You for reading about a Young Indian Entrepreneur and if you like the article, Comment down your views and share it with your friends.

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