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This Blog & Instagram Handle ‘SUPERRlife’ is creating a buzz for its creativity.



We are a growing content-sharing platform known for its creativeness.

We believe creativity is the key to stand out and build our own identity. Memes are a new form of self-expression.

The main motto is to create ‘Stories that make you say SUPERRlife guru!’

SUPERRlife website provides a wide range of engaging stories from the world of the internet. An online platform that connects you to the best of Namma Bengaluru and

Namma Karnataka. Whether it’s entertainment, exploring the cities of Karnataka, food, creative content and exciting stories, SUPERRlife articles will have you hooked!

Since the inception of our blog, we have aspired to become a media & entertainment company in the regional space reaching the people of Karnataka with meaningful, authentic and inspiring stories. In addition to this, we are building a community for

like-minded Kannadigas.

“The journey of being a consumer of content to a creator is quite a learning curve, and I love it. The Instagram page is loved by our followers for our unique designed posters.

With 1000s of shares and likes, we have grown organically and steadily over time. Our

 Instagram posts were featured on the verified pages and also shared by few celebrities,” said Shreyas – the founder and content writer at SUPERRlife.

We have successfully collaborated with a few brands to showcase their products in our way, in our style, voice, and exactly how our followers love. Our approach is to create fresh, new, engaging content.

Here is one such campaign – Here, we highlighted the product truths with the puns. The product was Hello Tempayy – The Plant-based protein. Here are the catchy copies for the awareness objective.

What is a Vegan’s favourite movie? Iron man. This copy highlights the product truth, which is iron-rich and vegan friendly.

Are you always looking for kitchen jugad/ready-to-cook recipes on the net? So Ya Bean there and done that. Here it highlights that this product is easy to cook in few minutes. Also, it tells that it is made out of soya bean, which is protein-rich.

Cows on holiday can be called Dairy Free!!

Here it highlights that the product is Dairy and Gluten-free.

Check out our Instagram for more such creative posters, which have also been featured on top social media handles such as Lbb Bangalore, Whatshot Bangalore, and a few others.

We are also planning to wear the marketing cap to work with the small/medium brands and help them with content/digital marketing. I am sure this is going to be a fun ride!

You might ask why the name SUPERRlife?

They are popularly used as slang. SUPER is an emotion for the people of Namma Bengaluru and throughout Karnataka. Be it Namma(City), Weather, People, The lifestyle, Cuisines and what not – everything is SUPERR. Isn’t it?

 SUPERRlife Maga/SUPERRlife Guru are common phrases used in Namma Ooru and the rest of Karnataka. Henceforth, we thought it would be a perfect name to connect to our people.

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