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This Digital Creator and Tech Entrepreneur is Making Waves in the Online Space: The Story of Shawn Kenneth



At the tender age of 12, Shawn Kenneth worked on his first piece of design for a client.

“I had just started designing using Photoshop and before this point, I used to mostly work on Digital Art as a hobby using my favourite band logos and game characters. One day, a family friend wanted to get a poster designed for an event and they liked it so much that they offered to pay for it. That was my first experience of the business world” says Shawn Kenneth.

That innocent little transaction set Shawn off on a career trajectory that very few tend to achieve in their lifetime.

At the age of 26, with Two Companies, 100+ Clients, 14,000 students, 3000+ deliverables, and a Nationally Acclaimed Music Album release under his belt, this Digital Creator sets records in multiple industries.

Here is the story of one of India’s leading Digital Creators.

Shawn Kenneth is a Tech Entrepreneur & Digital Creator. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering at Goa College of Engineering. Still, while most of his peers were dedicating their time to the Engineering course load, Shawn was busy servicing clients all over the world.

 His first endeavour was “Shawn Kenneth Digital Solutions”, which he still runs to this day. 

 “I was always into Technology but I simultaneously loved Art. For many years, I tried to reconcile these two classically distinct fields and I eventually did, by taking all my creative leanings into the Digital Space and that’s how my first company was born,” says Shawn Kenneth.

 His primary service is UI-UX Design which consists of designing as well as developing

Apps & Websites and User Interaction Experiences. He also has a keen interest in Audio 

Production, Graphic Design, Video Editing & Blog Writing.

“My work tends to be genre-agnostic and I usually work for clients who require a combination of my services. I also create Podcasts and recently released my Debut Musical Album called “The Passion Inside” which was featured on Times of India & Rolling Stone India amongst many other leading news outlets.“ says Shawn Kenneth

He is also the founder of “Creative Joule Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” a Creative firm that offers a wide variety of services in the Creative & Fashion Space, which he runs with his Partner Rhea Vania.

Talking about his origin in the vastly growing online space, Shawn says: “The first time I saw a Music Video by Linkin Park at the age of 12, I completely fell in love with the Audio Production process, the whole concept of Branding and the Visuals. I wanted to learn how to do everything associated with the Digital Content Creation field and eventually ended up doing it, even producing my own Music Videos eventually. It also sparked an interest in Graphic Design because Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park is an amazing artist. ”

 Of course, running a business is a challenging experience, and it was quite a journey for Shawn Kenneth. “My biggest challenge has always been Time Management. The Creative Field is rife with constant changes and it becomes a little difficult to manage multiple creative projects with deadlines. Besides that, as a creative individual, handling the administrative side of a company becomes slightly difficult while you’re in the zone creating your content.” He says.

He further elaborates on his journey: “I overcame it by setting proper protocols and processes in place so that working with my clients and doing the creative work was as seamless as possible even if I had to manage 4-5 projects at a time.”

“A lot of people were incredibly supportive of my journey from the start because I started my 

professional journey when I was very young. They were always appreciate of my efforts. ”

Aside from his professional life, Shawn Kenneth is also an avid foodie and photography enthusiast.

Talking about his legacy, Shawn Kenneth says that “I want to be known as one of the world’s top UI-UX & Content Creation experts and I want to make sure my family and children enjoy the benefits of everything that comes with that”

You can keep up to date with Shawn Kenneth’s Work and Journey on his Website: You can also follow his Instagram at to keep up with his personal life and music!

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