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This digital entrepreneur wants to teach online business skills to every employee stuck in between 9 to 5 job.



The journey of entrepreneurship is nothing but how you frequently accept the new things and do hard work with a learning approach.

Digital Entrepreneur Chandrakant Barot’s journey is close to the things we mentioned above. 15 years after he started his journey in media and entertainment industry, he realized that traditional marketing will no longer work.

The reason behind this was the invention of Digital Marketing which took charge. Since then, he decided to learn and enhance his digital skills. Along with his full time job, he started gathering information and skills from YouTube & Google! He learnt e-commerce business on the basis of self-study.

As and when new requirements got introduced in the field of online business, he started updating himself with fresh skills like website development, Facebook marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing and e-mail marketing.

In the year 2020, when the lockdown for Covid 19 was announced, Chandrakant decided not to sit idle and proceeded towards helping his family members and relatives to go for online business. With this experience he realized that he has the capability to provide such services as a professional which led him to start his journey with “eCom And More”.

Since then, Chandrakant Barot has helped more than 100 offline businesses go online till date. Not only did he bring these offline businesses online but he also provided an advanced learning on how to use the technology more which helped in bringing the business to an automation which led to decrease in the amount of time.

According to Chandrakant, this entire journey began with a will to leave his 9 to 5 i.e. a full time job, which could help him do his business work along with some family time, extra income and freedom.

There are numerous people in this world who are stuck in their regular 9 to 5 job and are compromising their special skills because of which they are unable to attain freedom. Here’s where he started a campaign called “No freedom, No Kingdom” which involves freedom for time and money.

Since then, Chandrakant Barot has started teaching and conveying about digital skills to the people stuck in their job. Till date, he takes pleasure to have helped hundreds of people in teaching them digital skills. Furthermore, his goal is to convert those hundreds into thousands by the end of 2022.

Chandrakant strongly believes that online marketing is the most powerful marketing method amongst traditional marketing. We are fortunate that we live in this digital era where we can easily reach out to with our audience and sell them our product or service. So every business should take leverage of this opportunity.

“Change is an inevitable thing of life. If you won’t change, then your clients would change you.”

– Chandrakant Barot

Chandrakant Barot is the founder director of “eCom And More” digital marketing agency. You may reach at & follow on Instagram for useful online business content @ecomandmore0707 

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