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This Nashik Based startup is setting a high standard in Cross Border E-commerce industry.



Launched by Mayur Pisolkar in 2019, StylishAvtar is a global online retailer with numerous brands redefining shopping and elevating higher, maintaining a high standard level. The Nashik-based startup has a network of over 75k suppliers, 12 Manufacturers, and 5 fulfilment centres worldwide and an SKU of 1,00,000 products from multiple brands under their portfolio at reasonable prices and gender-neutral apparel with shipment to 132 countries.

StylishAvtar started with a mission to bring digital information in fashion by bringing different brands and tailoring the e-commerce strategies adapting to the evolving landscape. 

It started with Rs. 2,50,000, Now generating revenue of 30 lakhs a year. Started as a regular fashion retailer with minimal resources and limited access to funds, StylishAvtar has evolved into an online platform through numerous different channels and a wide range of services that connects all the key players of the fashion Industry from end customers through retailers, brands, stylists and factories, to advertisers. With a strategic approach towards an online platform, StylishAvtar is paving the way for a new approach to making the brands available all across the globe. StylishAvtar has a team of 10 employees from different countries that take care of smoothly working of backend. The continuous growth of StylishAvtar is marked with the development of 5 fulfilment centres Worldwide. with the shipment of over 2000 orders a day and looking ahead. The online sales will account for over 5000 orders a day by the end of 2022. With the driver of growth through the online platform StylishAvtar, it’s no wonder that the sales will skyrocket. This depicts the brighter future of StylishAvtar. The range of products available in StylishAvtar comes under women’s wear, Men’s wear, Women’s shoes, bags and accessories, casual dresses, accessories, fashion Jewelry, Lingerie, wigs, Men’s clothing, and many more products. StylishAvtar strives to maintain a standard for the quality of the clothing and spares no effort in providing higher standard quality of products and styles.

When Mayur started StylishAvtar, he had a laptop and no money to rent an office. When I started my business, I had no money for rent or utilities. I spent most of my free time outside of work working on my side hustle. He was not sure of the market and the response he would get. The market is saturated, but there is an opportunity he was focused on. Despite having big players in the industry, he decides to target that opportunity.

Talking about the competition, he is not at all worried about competition. Right now, he wants to focus on developing his idea. They say the first order is always a hard one to get, but in my case, I started getting orders from my very first marketing campaign. Orders started flowing in but sustaining in today’s market condition and competition is tough. Executing such an idea and sustaining it in this environment requires a large amount of money. I borrowed some money from family and friends to sustain this competition. StylishAvtar early investor was family member and friends. They help me in setting up the foundation to build something more significant,” he added.

It’s like a solo warrior fighting with the entire army with a sword given by his family and friends. 

Born in a middle-class family, it was very tough for Mayur to start a business. He started working as a freelance software developer while pursuing his graduation. After completing his masters, he entirely focused his energy on freelancing. Still, with an inclination towards entrepreneurship and innovation, he could always drive significant value for customers and organizations. Putting his creation to work, he developed his insights and deployed his entrepreneurial skills to create maximum impact and generate values. That’s how StylishAvtar came into being under his leadership.

StylishAvtar offers a fully localized buying experience to their key international markets. As the report says, the global online fashion market was worth $533 billion in 2018 and is predicted to grow to $872bn by 2023. 

Needless to say, the demand for clothing is on the rise across the world with the surge of the online fashion market. The arrival of Pandemic has transitioned the customer’s buying habits to digital. Shopping. The founder is aiming to target 1% of the total market cap in the coming years. 

Now, StylishAvtar has genuinely expanded its root in global cross-border e-commerce. Moving forward, StylishAvtar is planning to set up more warehouses in India to target local shoppers. 

So what’s stopping you? Shop now from top brands and get the best deals for your favourite clothes, footwear, and many more.

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