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This revolutionary hair regrowth method without surgery has wowed the world.



This innovative treatment can reverse baldness up to grade 5. Continue reading to learn more. 

Several factors can cause hair loss in males. To aid in searching for a remedy, it is necessary first to identify the cause. Men frequently go years without receiving an accurate diagnosis, squandering valuable time and suffering. 

The most prevalent causes of male pattern baldness are hormones and inherited susceptibility. The hairs become sensitised to dihydrotestosterone, which shortens the growth phase from years to months. Other causes of hair loss should be ruled out. This is something that Dr Ayesha Faizan and her team of professionals can help you with. Hair Transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction for Front Hair Line Restoration is the best. PEP GF is one of the most successful therapies. Along with other medical treatments that can be done at home. 

Similarly, female pattern hair loss is underdiagnosed and dismissed. It is more difficult to detect than male baldness, but it does have a genetic component. Hair loss normally begins after menopause, and various hormones are to blame. However, a powerful trigger, such as childbirth, extreme stress, crash diet, drugs, or hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism, might forestall hair loss. 

You could simply accept the situation and go bald and proud, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for something a little less extreme. 

What’s going on with hair regrowth treatment?? In today’s world, men and women can choose from various hair loss products. Some of these hair loss products are quite effective, while others are a complete waste of time. “To demonstrate what works and what does not. We’ve been studying this topic for a long time,” according to Dr Ayesha Faiza. Nagpur’s Finest Dermatologist has brought to India a novel hair regrowth therapy that is a breakthrough with definite results for patients with hair concerns. 

The growing phase, the stationary phase, and the falling phase are all part of the natural growth cycle of hair. Hair loss is the result of a disruption in this equilibrium. Collagen and stem cells in the scalp environment decrease as we age. Hairs naturally lose their ability to grow, eventually diminishing in size. The early ageing of the hair stem is linked to high amounts of dihydrotestosterone. When hereditary baldness is present, the natural decline of growth factors in the scalp accelerates. Copper peptides, vascular endothelial growth factors, and other peptides are known to play a significant part in normal hair development, which is drying down as people approach old age. When both men and women have genetic baldness, it is found in astonishingly low amounts. 

What if a treatment could specifically replenish the scalp’s lost cells? What if the same treatment can revitalise your current hair that has been depleted of nutrients as a result of chemical treatments? 

Dr Ayesha Faizan has introduced a Novel Drug Therapy in Nagpur, keeping in mind the need for a specific targeted treatment to restore lost hairs, slow down balding, and add life to dull, damaged hair. Peptides and Growth Factors are abbreviated as PEP GF. 

Doctors and scientists created PEP GF, an advanced skin and scalp system. A synergistic combination of peptides, proteins, and amino acids that encourage hair growth is the main ingredient of PEP GF. It accomplishes this by improving scalp microcirculation and encouraging the creation of collagen and elastin, both of which aid in the development of stronger hair roots. Hair follicles become healthier as a result and are less likely to fall out or break. Pepgf also aids in the prevention of protein loss caused by a variety of chemical therapies used by both men and women all over the world. 

PEP GF (Fibroblast Growth Factors and Copper Peptide) is the world’s first specifically designed protein. This bioidentical natural composition works to restore the scalp’s physiology. 

Dr Ayesha Faizan, the Founder & Director at Indian Skin, has introduced this treatment for the first time in Nagpur and soon expanding to other cities. Before and Afters of the treatments can be viewed at Instagram Highlights

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