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Top Inspirational Entrepreneur in 2022



India is the largest democracy in the world, and its economy has proliferated over the past decade. It also has the second-largest native population after China as a country. India is home to many billionaires, which is not surprising.

India’s high-income inequality means that many people still live in poverty. However, there is a long history of wealth creation and entrepreneurship.

Today we are discussing the inspirational success story of Mr Kashiff Khan (Head of FTV Asia Pacific), one such man who has transformed the meaning of the fashion industry in India.

Kashiff Khan is an extraordinary name in the Brand Business Development world in India. 

Being the managing director and head of Fashion TV India, Kashiff Khan is a great entertainer with a wealth of experience in the field. With the perfect sense of fashion, he really enjoys self-grooming and dresses like a novelist. Very few people can match his expertise, and he deserves praise for being such a perfect fit for the representative of the Fashion TV brand.

Fashion Icon Kashiff Khan was born in Hyderabad, India, and raised in a humble abode in Bandra East. He later gained popularity all around the world with his hard work and has established a worldwide presence while excelling in the Indian fashion industry.

His idea on his favorite luxury fashion and high-end brands based on his own taste made him the perfect pick for expanding the FashionTV brand in Asian Market.

Kashiff Khan has been appointed as a jury at multiple fashion events held internationally. He was the perfect choice to have opted as a panel member on the selection committee board for Miss Fashion TV Europe.

On the 22nd anniversary of Fashion TV Paris, Fashion TV organized an event hosted in Europe, which included Fashion Week by FTV and FTV Fashion Award.

Kashiff Khan was appointed as one of the main juries along with Fashion TV Founder Michel Adam and crowned the winner of Fashion TV Europe, 2019. This event included designers, models, competitors from 40 countries, luxury brands, showbiz personalities, international fashion designers, as well as publishers of Vogue magazine.

Furthermore, he is known as an author, writer, and start-up specialist seen as a fashion icon by companies and individuals. Being well connected can help you navigate the world of successful businesses, according to Kashiff Khan MD FTV.

Kashiff Khan’s journey with fashion started most unconventionally. He entered the world of fashion after getting dropped out of school and doing a number of odd jobs. 

He is undoubtedly considered a fashion powerhouse in the Indian industry, full of creative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and a never-dying passion for fashion. Having been appointed as Managing Director of the Fashion TV Asia Pacific brand more than four years ago, Kashiff Khan brings more than a dozen years of managerial and business experience to lead Fashion TV India’s talented team.

In his recent interview during an international fashion event held in Paris, Kashiff Khan claimed that “We are currently working on opening more than 500 verticals of Fashion TV in India only, which will undoubtedly take the standard of Fashion industry to new heights.”

Not only Kashiff Khan is working in Fashion Industry, but also many different niche verticals of Fashion TV Paris are making their steps in the business world.

FTV India has successfully established several franchises across the country, including FTV Salon Academy, F Salon, etc., and many more and recently inaugurated four F business verticals in the past few months. 

FTV Salon Academy is one such vertical of Fashion TV which has seen tremendous growth in the country. With its head office in Mumbai and multiple franchises in almost every state. 

“The objective of FTV Salon Academy is to provide an international standard professional education in Makeup and everything related to beauty courses, which was earlier overlooked by many famous academies in India.” – says  Dr Prachi Kaushik, CEO of FTV Salon Academy.

There is nothing impossible to achieve in the books of Kashiff Khan, the Managing Director of FashionTV Asia Pacific. The path that began as a sales professional has now progressed to serial entrepreneurship for Mr Khan. The dreamer who envisioned making it big one day from his modest Bandra East chawl now manages a multi-national company with 2 billion viewership in more than 196 countries, houses more than 150+ business verticals and counting.

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