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In the past year, while Covid 19 had shaken the base of every Industry, the automobile sector took a solid bullet. With so many drastic changes in the past year, for example. Ford was shutting down its last manufacturing plant in India etc. it seems to leave a lingering thought about the future of the automobile sector in the country. That being said, one such Bangalore-based organization has seemingly made most of the past Covid ridden year and a half. 

While they did not want to boom and prosper during the first lockdown imposed in 2020, they are the epitome of the saying ‘when life gives you lemons, make your own lemonade.’ They didn’t just make their lemonade, but they also uniquely marketed and sold their lemonade. They spent the first lockdown just like any other establishment dealing with the losses, making the most of it by helping ambulance/patrol vehicle breakdowns, regular maintenance, service, etc. Still, by the time the second wave hit, they graduated into turning their mobile service vans into makeshift ambulances and went into complete service for the community.

Their doorstep concept, thriving before COVID, seemed to gain more traction with car owners stuck in their respective places and with ‘authorised’ service centers seeing locks for a prolonged period. The doorstep idea piqued the interest of those who wished to take an entrepreneurial path and gave rise to the rapid acceleration and spread of DrWheelz franchises with simple yet effective marketing and launch strategies put forth by their current Head of Marketing & Sales – Pan India, Sowmya Anantharaman. The organization and its USP, that’ 80% of a car’s needs can be taken care of at the end user’s doorstep’ spread faster than COVID and their explosion in the country was louder than noise yet subtle. 

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, DrWheelz has its wings outspread in every plain, valley, and treacherous terrains, even the Himalayas with states like Sikkim in their pocket. The Company is now proud of its presence throughout India and while we don’t pray this for you, if you happen to be stuck anywhere with car troubles, give them a call at 7676-717-717. Their rescue promise is within 45 minutes, wherever you are stranded.

DrWheelz now stands tall with over 3000 touchpoints across the country, length, and breadth, with more than 27000 heads working around the clock to service/repair a car anywhere in the country. In the realm of second-hand cars/ used cars, DrWheelz has managed to create an organized system within the market wherein they provide warranties for used cars after a thorough inspection of the vehicle and subsequent certification. So, if your car has been certified by DrWheelz, you can now talk to your dealer about securing a warranty for your vehicle. You can also take value-added services clubbed together with the contract. It is not just the wear and tear you need not be worried about in the hands of your car’s previous owner because you are covered. You can also put your feet up and relax because simple things like general service happen right at your doorstep. 

Of course, the concept of doorstep does not only belong to DrWheelz or Mr Balaji Mohan, who should take the credit for the Company’s existence and is currently the reigning CEO of DrWheelz. Several companies have attempted this in the past and are still trying their hands at it. But it takes a well-organized system, teamwork, and strong leadership to pull off without a hassle, any doorstep service or repair. DrWheelz is also the only organization without a single physical garage in the country; they operate through their mobile service vans, which brings a garage capable of servicing a Tata Nano or a Lamborghini right at the customer’s doorstep. The establishment tried its charm with collaboration effort with companies in the same attempt to revolutionize car servicing. While that did not work out entirely in favor of DrWheelz, they decided to remain stand-alone, and they stand firm. The management of DrWheelz strictly warns its consumers not to be fooled by incorporating its logo for another organization’s product because they are in no way associated with or in partnership with any other firm. 

When asked to measure their growth, DrWheelz still aims to hit the 30000 touchpoint mark over the 3000 marks they have hit now. They aim to see even a tier 3 city teeming with their vans from one point to another. The country is vast, and the area is enormous. There is still a long way to go for this ambitious organization and more ground to cover.  

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