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Vedamayee – Vedic Centre: A one-stop solution platform that provides holistic religious services and funeral rites services



Difficulties are a part of everyone’s life, and it is in such a difficult situation, we all seek out our almighty ‘God’ to calm down our worries and any adversities. Nothing is more significant than our supreme power, and even more so if you get a platform that helps you complete all the ritual services concerning Pujas and last rites. Vedamayee is a one-stop solution that offers special puja, yajna, and home services to overcome unknown difficulties and doshas related to any aspect of life, be it professional issues, personal, health-related problems, or any prayer ceremony besides performing great patriarchal rite and funeral rites in love with the ancestral deities. 

Vedamayee – Vedic center is devoted to offering ritual services with guaranteed sanctity and conviction in the religious practices followed by their ancestors. They perform rituals as per the strict Vedic manner according to the Vedas and guidelines as proclaimed by their great ancient Sages (Maharishis). They also do live events and delivers pooja prasadam to your home. It allows people to connect to the deities they worship by conducting rituals such as Archana, poojas, homams. This way, it helps the devotees come nearer to God. The devotees can perform pooja virtually through video conferencing, as social distancing is the need of the hour. The priests perform pooja online or at the devotees place with all the precautionary measures while visiting at the devotees place.               

Pooja and Homa conducted by Vedamayee-Vedic centre in the past

● Siva Aaradhana

● Sri Subrahmanya Aaradhana

● Sri KaartaVeeryarjuna Homam

● Maharudra Pasupatha Homam

● RadhaSaptami Surya Aradhana

● Sri Seetha Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam

● Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam

The upcoming program organized by Vedamayee – Vedic center on 6th October 2021 includes Mahalaya Tila Tarpanamulu. The program will be an alternative to those who do not have the opportunity to perform these patriarchal duties themselves in the patriarchal locations due to the coronavirus pandemic. The offering is made to the elders in your name indirectly for the sake of procreation with the grace of the ancestral gods – for the love of the 33 traditional gods who are our birth factors. The event will take place in Phalguni River – Sannidhi of Sri Vishnupada, at the Gaya Temple on the Mahalaya New Moon Day. The program will be conducted under the management of Vedamayee under the supervision of Brahmashri Kesapragada Phanindra Rajasekhara Sharma in the Gaya Maha Kshetra Tarpanavidhi, and Anna Samaradhana will be performed with utmost care and importance. One can indirectly participate in this program and get the blessings of the ancestral gods.

Offering puja to our deities is the most important ritual for Hindu families. You can rely on Vedamayee – Vedic center for every aspect of ritual worship for various ceremonies performed effectively. They aim to make the life of devotees hassle-free and perform multiple rituals with required samagris and help them connect with the supreme power and get themselves on the path of growth.

For more details, visit their website:  


You can also reach out to their mobile number +91 799 535 4448 / +91 799 535 4449 either by WhatsApp or direct call to know more about the event and register accordingly.

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