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Vedspace: A SaaS Startup helping young Businesses Scale & Grow with Free Websites & App



Vedspace helps young businesses scale & grow with Free Websites & apps.

Vedspace Ventures, a SaaS Startup, is helping small and budding businesses and entrepreneurs to build their tech stack websites and apps and grow with the customized marketing and scaling plan.

A Remarkable Company History

Ved space, a company that started in 2019, has shown positive and promising results to its customers who have sought to scale their businesses on the internet.

As a SaaS Startup, they started their operation on January 1 with a Website and Apps under Rs. 1000/-. Their Marketing gimmick got enormous responses from the cold audience, majorly wanting to put their business online at an affordable cost. 

As their pilot project, they started their Website & App Under 1000 Plan on January 1, 2022. They have generated more than 415 client queries, out of which 39 clients have proven to be their permanent clientele serving them a reasonable sum for their marketing and business strategy consulting and helping them grow 10x from the time they joined.

Current Workflow

Vedspace is planning to launch its co-partner and referral program by the end of this year or in the January 1st week of 2023.

They plan to partner with several institutions and small businesses to provide them a direction to scale and grow with technology and a backend powerful enough to grow and sustain in online marketplaces at affordable costs.

Founder`s Insight

The Company Founder, Abhi V Yaduvanshi ( aka Vaibhav Yadav), started this company as an idea. He had a vision years ago that he could bring down the high charges quoted by the agencies for the tech they provide while still being minimalistic. He started as a freelancer charging way too less and cracked that the charges thus charged were way too much to be afforded by the customers. He started the project with the vision to provide his customers with an affordable yet quality tech stack.

Currently, he has 100 plus clients and counting.

Future vision

‘Vedspace Plans to grow and scale too’- On asking about the plans, the Director said they plan to start their partner program early this year to scale and grow their current client base beyond national boundaries. 

They are launching a partner program to help budding tech entrepreneurs utilize Vedspace’s platform to quickly launch their service business and collect payment as you read. They also plan to launch their never-before referral program to help more and more small businesses grow and start their online market journey. 

Bed space also provides generic IT services, like SEO, SMM, Content Writing, Influencer Marketing, etc., and is helping businesses grow sooner in the fast economy that India is currently a part of.

Not sure, but from some of our sources, the company plans to launch its student program too to provide a platform for students to test and run small businesses while still in college. This has been a whole journey inside Vedspace’s Vision. 

In the founder’s words, ” We are Waiting to see some remarkable names ahead to join as partners and promoters If we are funded in near future we can quadruple of strategic resources to grow and scale faster.”

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