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VineVFX: Making of a Self Taught VFX Artist



“When you start creating, you start learning” says Vineet Solanki, a self-made superstar or better, a self-made super artist.

Have you seen Bahubali or Avengers? Ofcourse, you have. If I ask what is common between both of them?

The Visual Effects or something famously known as VFX. Visual Effects can change the reality, it can make reel into reality and a lot more.

Vineet Solanki, founder of VineVFX is a name who has been working in this field of VFXs from a long time. It all began during a college assignment when Vineet and his team was doing an assignment and as the deadline was approaching nearer, the respective individual responsible for video editing and related stuff got occupied somewhere.

Sensing the intensity of the situation, frustrated Vineet sat down and learnt basics of video editing and things related to it, overnight and executed it in the assignment. Which afterwards, came out very good.

The story behind the name is as interesting as the work Vineet does- VINE of VineVFX comes from the first name of the founder, Vineet and the later part VFX is related to the work he does. The Visual Effects, the effects that hold the power to manipulate and change things, something that can be safely called as, “modern day magic” and Vineet is the magician. The magician, Vineet holds an Under Graduate degree in Mass Communication, the time when he realised he’s interested in this and can do a lot of things using VFX and Video Editing. The best and surprising part of Vineet’s story is he came, he grew to this level without giving anyone a penny. As to put it in Vineet’s words, “This is all self-learnt.”

The best way to learn, as he say is to create. VineVFX followed the same principle throughout the journey and is still following it, VineVFX believes that if one does not start creating, one can never start learning because this is all practical. Something in which theory is least or is of no use. The advice that Vineet passes on to his junior is the same; he emphasis on creating and learning concept. This is the same concept through which, Vineet learnt Video Editing, VFXs and Photoshop, once it became practical he was more intrigued into the subject and the more he dived into it, the more fascinated it became.

“Self-learning can make you touch so many things. Keep trying!” Says VineVFX founder, Vineet Solanki.

He considers that this area is vast and wide ad he is not into it completely, when asked Why does he say so? He replies, “I only know 20-30% of this field and I don’t plan to be a know-it-all about it.”

VineVFX is currently into Advertisement Making (Ad Making) and is doing well, cherry on the is all the skills Vineet has got now, moreover satisfied with his skills and work. At the end what matters is satisfaction and Vineet has a lot of if for the work he does. Vineet has always preached and practiced ‘don’t look at the numbers’, a very good thought that he always shares is, “Everyone wants to earn, but, who said that you can only earn when you reach One Million? Even if you have skills you can earn.”

While Working on projects VineVFX makes sure that the detailing is done well and the output is attractive & appealing, because that is important. That is something that catches eyesight. The effects, the sound and visuals are pillars that are essential here. Vineet recently tried reverse effect on a story which turned out well, effects are easy but in what manner one uses them, that is what matters at the end of the day.  A normal picture, can be eye catchy all it has to have is the X factor; like in videos, sounds play a crucial role where the video doesn’t matter, but the quality does. Detailing of content makes even that makes it look good. In this way one story can be made beautiful and can connect with the audience. All it takes is skills.

Vineet has always strived to learn things accepting tasks, that he has never tried before and are new to him as well, this way he carters more knowledge and enjoys it.

Each one of has a role model, an idol, Vineet’s idol is Zach king, he admires him and he is blessed with  two creator awards that were presented to him by none other then- Zach King; the fanboy moment! Vineet got a chance to get featured in his videos, too, and also relate and connect himself him through community. Whereas he admires Zach King, he is also keen on taking continuous improvements and inspirations from the social media, specially the foreign industry, which he personally beleives is one step ahead. For the expansion of VineVFX and co. this is an important inspiration.

As he recalls his college days, he recollects his interest in radio in his first years, which made him feel like a Radio Jockey! When asked if he wasn’t a VFX artist what would he have been? Without any second thoughts, he replies, “I was very much interested in Radio during my first year of college. I would have been in the Content Creation field but as a RJ!”

He has always received support and overwhelming responses from his followers and audience, which is his continuous motivation. This is one of many things he thought of taking things to the next level. The other things include dupport and appreciation from the prominent creators due to which VFX came into the big picture.

One thing that made him learn was not being stressed about the outcome but instead giving the best and leaving the rest on god that gives immense satisfaction when you know you have given the best. It’s imperative to have talent, hard work, and skill to reach your goal rest all comes your way with blessings, money, etc.

Vineet says that his perseverance, hard work, knowledge, skill has made VineVFX reach heights, and he will continue to venture something new, everytime he has the opportunity to do so.

He makes it to be better and better in the future VFX and VineVFX. He is a firm believer; to put it in his own words, “Start creating now. Create something with whatever you learn right now. Don’t focus on numbers and believe this- focus on yourself and your skills.”

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