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Rajat Johari on Alpha Learning via Skillre: Valuable insights for educators & entrepreneurs.



The acquisition of Alpha Learning by Skillre, led by Rajat Johari, the Group CEO of Skillre, marks an important milestone in the company’s vision and growth strategy. Rajat Johari, an experienced educationalist with a strong background in teaching and mentoring, has a clear vision for the future of Skillre and its subsidiary, Alpha Learning.

Rajat Johari’s journey in education began in 2011 when he embarked on a teaching career. Over the past 12+ years, he has mentored more than 70,000 students and achieved over 1,000 final selections in competitive exams such as Gate, ESE, SSC-JE, PSUs, and CSE. His teaching expertise and successful track record have earned him recognition, including the Indian Achievers Award in 2020 for Excellence in Education. Rajat Johari has been featured by reputable media outlets such as India Today, ANI, Business Standard, The Print, and Dailyhunt as one of the top 10 educational entrepreneurs in India in 2021.

Rajat Johari’s experience also extends beyond teaching. He served as a Group-A officer in the Government of India from 2012 to 2014. However, his passion for education led him to shift his focus entirely to the field of education. He has worked with prominent ed-tech companies such as Unacademy, Madeeasy, and Ace Academy, where he held senior positions as a chief consultant, advisor, faculty, and mentor for UPSC exams.

With his vast experience in education and competitive exams, Rajat Johari brings a unique perspective to the acquisition of Alpha Learning. He understands that the success of an educational institute is closely tied to the achievements of its teachers. Having personally cracked various competitive exams, he knows the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable teaching team. At Alpha Learning, the majority of the teachers are ESE and GATE rankers, ensuring the highest quality of education for students.

The acquisition of Alpha Learning aligns with Skillre’s overall vision to provide comprehensive education solutions. Skillre, as the parent company, operates two wings in education. Alpha-re (formerly Alpha Learning) is focused on preparing students for competitive exams. Alpha-re, the ultimate platform for students seeking competitive exam preparation! We offer end-to-end solutions, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity for students. With our proven content and preparation strategies, countless students have soared to the top positions in exams. Join us on this exciting journey to achieve your dreams! All the rights and content of Alpha Learning are now part a of Alpha-re, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity for the students.

The second wing of Skillre, Beta-Re, is dedicated to providing skill-based courses that cater to the industrial requirements in civil engineering and computer science engineering. This approach ensures that students not only possess theoretical knowledge but also have the necessary skills to excel in the job market.

The acquisition of Alpha Learning by Skillre was finalized on May 15, 2023. Rajat Johari, representing Skillre in the Board of Directors of Alpha-re, played a crucial role in this significant business move. This acquisition strengthens Skillre’s position as a leading education provider and enables the company to offer a comprehensive range of services to students aspiring to excel in competitive exams and acquire industry-relevant skills.

In summary, the vision of Rajat Johari and Skillre is to provide high-quality education and support to students in their journey to excel in competitive exams and acquire essential skills for the job market. The acquisition of Alpha Learning represents a strategic step towards achieving this vision and reinforces Skillre’s commitment to excellence in education.

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