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Vivek Kumar Tripathi Founder of Digital Marketing Agency – Digital Vivek



If we talk about Digital Marketing, we can consider Digital Marketing as one of the leading social media platforms. Where online marketing is promoted through search marketing and email marketing.

Today, many businesses can present their most attractive and best services and the original form of the goods produced by them to the consumers through social media. Now people avoid going to the market. In such a situation, digital marketing helps the business to reach its products and services to the people.

So, today we will introduce you to a successful Digital Marketer named Vivek Tripathi, founder of 

He is currently 29 years old and running a successful Digital Marketing Agency.

He belongs to Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh in India. The agency is also mainly based in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh.

So, he usually started the Digital Marketing Agency 3 years back in 2018. At that time, he was alone. He was managing all the digital stuff and as well as dealing with the clients too. But, now in his Digital Marketing Agency, he has three years of experience and about 03 team members, including the Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Social Handle Managers, Web Developers, SEO Experts, and some of the other members for extra taskings.

This is the era of modernity, and in this modern time, everything has been modernised. In this sequence, the Internet is also a part of this modernity, spreading like wildfire everywhere. Digital marketing can function through the Internet.

It has become necessary in the present day. Traders are also getting help in business. He can also connect with more people in less time and convey his product’s features to the consumer.

Let’s discuss about some of our clients:

If we talk about their top-rated clients, then she is Sudha Dwivedi Ji. She is an independent candidate from Sarani Vidhan Sabha and is the wife of Shree Group’s Chairperson Dadashri Manoh Dwivedi Ji. Miss. Archana Singh Rajput is an actress by profession. Mr Kamlesh K Mishra is a Director, Producer, and Writer by profession. Mr Sagar Wahi is also an actor by profession. They did work for Andaman Movies. Now, they have clients like Vandana Shopping Mall, Sri Ram Graphics, Maxwell Point, and Sahara Evol’s Electric Vehicle.

So, here comes the essential factor and the central concept of any Digital Marketing Agency: their “Services”. Their services are Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Wikipedia and IMDb page creation, and many more.

The Digital Marketing Agency plays a vital role in some businesses, which understand its reach and possibility of profit margins. With all this, they also operate the E-Commerce Stores and Websites which offers you the best product and services. Not only that much, but they also have many other blogs and websites which work in different categories niches, in various fields. And, there all marketing and other stuff is operated from their resident only, which is Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, India.


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