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Vladimir Nikitin, The Russian Entrepreneur with many hats! 



Vladimir Nikitin is a Russian entrepreneur who has diversified expertise in several industries and has more than twelve years of experience in the legal, finance, and IT industries.

 He has a great passion for learning new things and believes in the power of technology. 

Co-founder of several apps 

He is the co-founder of,, and cyber city. Game. is a multichain gaming marketplace focused on NFT and successfully achieved 300k visitors every month. 

Drunk-robots app provides a platform to earn while playing games. In drunk robots, the main mission is to survive and seize the city absorbed by drunk junky robots whose only interests are $METAL beer and violence. It has entered into a partnership with various renowned players in the gaming industry like NFTb, Faraland, and DEX Ventures. 

Cybercity app also provides the plays-to-earn game with tokenized assets and NFT characters set in the endless futuristic megapolis. 

Vladimir Nikitin primarily focused on Drunk-robots and, based in Dubai, UAE, and Tallinn, Estonia. Mr Nikitin secured a CB rank of 3,751. 

Explorer of cryptocurrency 

Vladimir Nikitin worked as the chief of ICObench and became the ambassador at bitcoin cash. Mr Nikitin is a well-known renowned blockchain expert. He was the 2nd top worldwide certified expert, according to ICObench. 

He has learned a lot from his previous job in ICObench( N1 platform for ICObench projects 2017-2019) 

Vladimir Nikitin has actively participated in 14 events around the globe in the region of Europe, CIS, and Asia. His most recent participation events are Finance blockchain week, Dubai and ETHcc, Paris, and Europe. 

Being an active supporter and advocacy of blockchain technology made Vladimir Nikitin the ambassador of Polkadot. 

Inspiration of Technology 

Vladimir Nikitin loves the essence of Technology. He predicts the opportunity technology can create.

 When Vladimir asked what made him interested in cryptocurrency and Blockchain, he stated that “I always wanted to learn new.” 

He has begun to look for information involving Bitcoin, and sure enough. He came across Blockchain and learned how it works.

 Once, he said, ” I see a huge potential in this technology, and I predict that Blockchain will be implemented in many areas in the next few years.” 

Vladimir Nikitin has helped out with several projects from Russia regarding a legal issue. He received a few bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a token of his efforts. 

Apart from all his achievements and establishment at the Global level, Vladimir Nikitin is a nice guy. 

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