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What after CMAT 2022: Key highlights, Colleges to apply, other exams to focus.



345- 359100
296- 34490-99
230- 29580-89
181- 29970-79

CMAT is considered to be the last National level MBA entrance exam. After this, we are left with a few smaller exams, but in CMAT, you get an opportunity to get into top business schools. Now let’s check out CMAT score vs Percentile (expected):

Thus, we recommend ten marks maximum deviation in the above-stated scores as these are predicted scores from the previous year’s data. 

Key Highlights about CMAT 2022:

  • The paper was more accessible than last year. The level of difficulty was equivalent to the SNAP exam.
  • GK section was easy as static GK was asked more, but fewer questions of Current Affairs were there. So, GK rules the roost.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Section was doable, and anyone who is well-read, has knowledge of basic GK, start-up Culture, or work-ex could easily sail through the questions.

CMAT is over. What to do Now?

Great question this is. Now that CMAT 2022 is officially over and one can make out their performance by evaluating one’s scores roughly, you need to search for colleges and skim the best ones among them. Here is the list of colleges through CMAT curated by CATKing for easier reference and decluttering. So accept your scores.

Picture 2

This is a list of colleges and not Rankings.

JBIMSTop college through CMAT.

PUMBA Cost effective college and has CAP process round.

GREAT LAKES – only calls in 98-99 percentile. It has McKinsey and other top consulting companies coming on campus. Has PGDM/PGPM courses as well.

WELINGKAR– 85 percentile call. Doing everything good.

IMT Hyderabad/ Nagpur – Budding colleges.

JAGSOM Mumbai – interested in Right- brain MBA. Faculties of MICA are there so inclination towards creative skills.

JINDAL GLOBAL– Have a program where 1yr in campus and 1yr in Wharton Business School, in which, some courses are online but others are offline courses mainly 2-3 weeks’ duration. They are hit by leaps and bounds.

UBS Mumbai – 1year India, 1year Cardiff Program where you can go to 4-5 countries. Little expensive.

SOIL – Same as GLIM. PGDM/PGPM available.

NIBM – Hard-core Insurance Industry.


If you are someone who cannot take another drop year, we recommend you to consider the following options for colleges if CMAT didn’t go well. Here is a list, but watch the video for more details on them. 

Picture 1

Well, if CMAT didn’t go well, we are left with a few more exams listed below:

  • CET- This is mainly for Maharashtrians as they are given maximum seats. Top colleges- JBIMS, Sydenham.
  • MAT Exam
  • ATMA Exam
  • GMAT- For this, we need to consider specific points as to when and why to take the GMAT. Firstly, understand your liking and wanting if you want to go abroad. Secondly, where do you want to work, i.e. Abroad or in India. Gmat exam costs 18-20k for application, and its marks remain valid for five years. All tier 1 Indian colleges are open to admission through GMAT. You can add up your marks to your resume or use them while seeking jobs abroad. 
  • Online MBA. Many reputed MBA colleges are partnered with several online teaching platforms like Upgrad, which are reliable and ensure placements too.

CAT 2022:

If you are considering CAT 2022 now, understand that the procedure is not over, and it is too early to surrender.

Rahul Sir from CATKing recommends you first convert all the colleges you have received calls from and then decide what to do next. Focus on converting your calls.

The next thing to ask yourself is to evaluate yourself according to your potential and ask if you deserve/ belong to the particular college or not. After evaluating, check the Deans and Directors of the college and observe whether the alumni network has gotten transformed due to the college.

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