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The Hidden Dangers of a Leaking Air Conditioner



A leaking air conditioner can potentially be dangerous. Learn what to look for and what steps you need to take if your air conditioner is leaking.

If you notice any sort of moisture or water accumulation near your AC unit, it is a telltale sign that there is likely an issue with the system. Pay attention for excessive condensation on walls and windows, musty odors in the home, wet patches on the carpet or flooring, or water stains on ceilings and walls. If you spot any of these signs be sure to contact a professional right away as they will be able to diagnose the underlying cause and suggest potential solutions.

(H1) Why AC Refrigerant Leaks are Dangerous?

Refrigerants are compounds that can easily switch from a gas to a liquid and back again. Refrigerants release or absorb heat as they transition between states. Because of this, they are ideal for vapor compression systems such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Chemical compounds found in refrigerants include chlorofluorocarbons, chlorine, and fluoride. Because of their atomic structure, these chemicals can be hazardous to your health and well-being.

Inhalation of chlorine or coming into contact with chlorine gas on your skin or eyes can cause various health problems. Fluoride affects the immune system and induces congenital disabilities, genetic defects, and the worsening of kidney disease. Chlorofluorocarbons are a frequent cause of ozone layer depletion.

There are numerous risks associated with coming into contact with these chemicals. As a result, it’s critical to understand how air conditioner leaks can harm your health.

(H2) What are the Most Common Causes of Freon Refrigerant Leaks?

Acids within the HVAC system can erode the copper over time. After that, tiny cracks appear, allowing Freon to exit. Refrigerants may also leak because joints begin to deteriorate over time due to regular use of the unit. Regretfully, both of these problems result from normal wear and tear, which you cannot eliminate if you use one’s air conditioner to keep your household cool all year.

(H3) How Can Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leaks Be Avoided?

AC Repair In Hyderabad & Heating Experts recommends scheduling regular HVAC maintenance to identify any problems as soon as possible. This is true regardless of how old your AC unit is because preventative maintenance helps to extend its lifespan. Maintenance is essential if your unit is older, as regular wear and tear become more of an issue. However, leaks can occur even if you take proper care of your units, especially when they are over ten years old and used all year.

The Living thing and Refrigerant Exposure

Refrigerant leaks can occur when there is an underlying problem with your HVAC system. In humans, refrigerant exposure can cause various negative symptoms; in severe cases, it can be fatal.

The following are symptoms of severe refrigerant poisoning:

● Abnormal heartbeat

● Impaired mental health

● Consciousness loss

● Convulsions

● Bleeding or fluid accumulation in the lungs

● Difficulty breathing

● Mild refrigerant exposure symptoms include:

● Vomiting

● Diarrhea

● Migraine

● Throat, ear, and eye irritation

● Cough

● Skin burn caused by a chemical.

● Frostbit

You should seek medical attention immediately if you notice any of these symptoms, whether mild or severe. Following treatment, you should immediately contact an HVAC professional to resolve the problem.


If you suspect a leak, contact ma cool com comforts Experts’ experienced and certified technicians. We are conscious of the risks of Freon and can determine if your unit leaks. Our technicians can provide unbiased guidance on the most appropriate solution for your specific situation, whether it’s putting in a new entity or adding further Freon. We want to help our customers find an affordable solution while improving their home’s efficiency and lowering their cooling bills.

We have a lot of experience assisting customers who have Freon leaks. As a result, you can be confident that our experts will take all necessary safety precautions while working. With their assistance, you will have cool air inside your house without the risk of Freon being released into the environment. Please get in touch with our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We will gladly come to your home for a free estimate or provide advice over the phone.

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