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“Kantara, by Rishab Shetty, set to release in Tulu, with plans for English release to follow. Exciting news for all fans!”



Rishab Shetty’s Kantara appears to have some way to go despite being nothing short of a phenomenon. According to the most recent sources, Kantara’s producers are debating whether to release the English dub in the following days. Should this happen, Kantara will be one of the very few Kannada movies to have been dubbed into English.

The plans are definitely on for the English version of Kantara, according to Chaluve Gowda, managing director of the Hombale Group, who recently spoke with the Financial Express. Although the exact plan outlined by the producers is not included in his remark, the same article implies that an announcement is about to be made. It is currently unknown if Kantara (English) will get a theatrical release or go directly to OTT.

Only a few days have passed since the Kantara film’s producers revealed that the Tulu-dubbed movie version would be released in Indian theatres on December 2 and internationally on November 25. The cast and crew shared the news on social media along with the movie’s Tulu teaser. By this, Kantara has been published in six different Indian languages.

Chauvet Gowda also refers to Kantara’s extraordinary fandom, which undoubtedly caught the entire squad off guard. Kantara, which was initially only going to be released in Kannada, ended up having to be dubbed and released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam in a matter of two weeks. Except for Hindi, the movie is premiering on Amazon Prime Video in all other languages.

Kantara would be the first project from Hombale Films to be dubbed and released in English. In reality, the English-dubbed version of Vikrant Rona, starring Kiccha Sudeep, was only released in theatres, and the film’s producers also published the trailer. However, Vikrant Rona – English could not be released despite being a legitimate pan-Indian release due to unknown causes (across five languages, including Kannada). Sudeep, however, made history as the first Kannada actor to subtitle an English-language movie.

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