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WOOBLE: Staying Ahead with Digital Portfolio Excellence



In this digital era, a digital portfolio platform is a great option for individuals and freelancers alike. It provides a platform for users to showcase their work, projects, products, and services. With a digital portfolio, users can easily create a professional presence, showcase their skills, and stay up to date with the latest trends. keeping this in mind Mr Akash Jaiswal has made it a reality with’ WOOBLE’.

Akash Jaiswal the founder and CEO of Wooble, his passion and interest in technology and software made him pursue computer science from kIIT [kalinga institute of technology]. During the pursuit of the knowledge he started to practically apply the knowledge by working in different companies providing and handling websites and also understanding the development of Software Products. As digital awareness increased more people wanted to have their own Digital portfolio, so he came up with ‘Wooble’. which was a one-solution platform.

WOOBLE, is a SaaS [software as a service] product which taps into the requirement of digital users.

One of the benefits of ‘WOOBLE’, the digital portfolio platform, is its ability to attract customers by having a professional, up-to-date portfolio. An individual can attract potential recruiters and clients.

 Additionally, individuals can use their portfolios to showcase their skills and attract potential employers or business partners. A digital portfolio platform also allows users to easily stay up to date with the latest trends in technology and design.

The product represses a plethora of features to enhance one’s digital presence, be it resume building, blogging, maintaining a journal, or managing a deck of pictures and videos, it gives an organized space for creativity, and it even gives an edge to professionalism by comprising, email- signature, magic contact sharing, QR code and lot more.

Whether a person is an amateur or a professional, a local yet globally enhanced product is going to bring a revolution to the upcoming social presence of a person.

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