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WDP: Uniting Nations for a Better World



In the 21st century international relations are one of the essential pillars for a successful nation.
It has been righteously noticed and said that with cooperation and support of nations across the
globe, people of the countries and the countries itself can be benefited it a lot number of days
than it can be ever imagined.
World Development Programme, it is an organization that was an initiative by His Excellency
Vishnou Toolcanon. It was an initiative that was built to achieve developmental and sustainable
development goals of the United Nations. In the times when our environment is in danger, global
peace is vulnerable and people of Earth are facing difficulties, WDP has proved to be a helping
hand in every situation whatever it maybe.
WDP has its representative in over 50 nations which are continuously increasing as more and
more nations add and join the global community to fight ills of the society. HE Vishnou
Toolcanon is the Secretary General /Ambassador of WDP and Secretary General ‘Sub-Saharan’
countries of WFDP. Currently united to fight a common goal, WDP joined hands with WFDP on
the mission to empower education,
health, agriculture and economic development. It has already helped various partner countries
and is providing them aid for education, for economic development and most importantly it has
done work during the times of natural calamities and national emergencies bringing and
garnering all the support it can.
Working across nations for various issues it has started various issues to help people of the
country, especially children by providing them quality education and health care facilities.
Bringing nation to cooperate it has worked with United Nations, various regional associations
and government agencies. The works undertaken by it have also been appreciated not only by
policy makers but also by the public and non-member countries.
HE Vishnou says, “We work to promote peace and harmony in the region and by brining various
countries together we eish to achieve a global peace that would help us live as a civilized and a
harmonious society as a whole.”
It has also faced various challenges but has always overcome them and got the best of it not
just from the society but also from the people. It has worked and collaborated with various
groups and communities and has affiliations/partner with World Fund For Development
&Planning (WFDP)-Special Consultative Status United Nations (ECOSOC) represented by its
President H.E Ekramy El Zaghat ( our mentor )
United Nations Environmental Programe (WHF-MEAC), Lacura Healthcare (represented by
WDP Envoy-UAE Mohammed Musthafa TK), Office of HH Sheikh Hamdan-bin-Ahmed Al
Maktoum Investment. WDP has various investments for the development and welfare of people
such investments include; Oil and Gas, Smart Cities, Hotel Industry, Green and Sustainable
Industries and Mineral Industries.
Fighting all the odds in the society, making world a better living space WDP has proved to be an
ambassador of goodwill and unity for the globe. It continuous to work rigorously on Maintaining
International Peace, Harmony and Security, Protecting Rights of Children, Women and Men,
Supporting Sustainable Development and Climate Action without any compromise. Brining a
global workforce— a group of professionals, experts, volunteers from the globe to make the
community a worldwide success and accessible.
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