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World’s Youngest Successful Entrepreneur Asif Reja Khan. Founder of MNC GrandPosh.



Asif Reja Khan is World’s Youngest Entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketer and actor. He is the founder and CEO of GrandPosh Techno Pvt. Ltd. GrandPosh is the first company in India to develop a maximum number of websites and provide free SEO ranking services. He is Dubai’s Youngest Entrepreneur. He has the biggest share of website designing and digital marketing services in Dubai. GrandPosh has an official branch in Dubai and Sharjah UAE.

He owns the world’s 2nd largest social networking site Airtok. Airtok has a minimum of 5 million active users every month. This amazing social media app/site allows you to monetize your content and earn online. Currently, airtok monetization works only with photos, memes etc. but not videos. Very soon they will enable video monetization also. 50,000+ creators in airtok are earning in lakhs every month.

Asif, founder of Airtok Shop is the leading worldwide ecommerce app. Here sellers can sell their products worldwide. Buyers/customers can buy products at much lower rates than existing shopping apps. The reason behind selling products at low cost is Almost No Commission. Airtok does not charge commission on sales of products.  People loves to buy from airtok shop is because they get rewards when they buy products. Rewards are provided by every ecommerce site but airtok rewards are unique. Airtok rewards are like free shipping, 50% cashback, discount on cash on delivery, free gift hampers, buy one get one free, etc.. In US, Canada and in UAE people are enjoying Airtok Shop and social media app. Airtok is like one stop solution for all problems.

Airtok Shop (Dubai) has connected Malls, Supermarkets and many stores to provide instant delivery in Dubai. Airtok shop is just started it’s services in Dubai. It delivers all types of products from groceries to electronics in Dubai. Airtok Shop is known for the best innovative startup in Dubai. Airtok is looking to start this service in India soon. Airtok is planning to launch Airtok instant shopping app in June 2022. If this startup launches in India, then ecommerce and delivery sector is going to boom in the Indian market. This will increase employment which is very important for India.

GrandPosh has 0% debt and no external fundings. Asif and his parents will be an inspiration for us.. Without funding and loan one can start a successful business and can expand worldwide as Asif and his family did.

Asif proved that great planning needs a powerful execution will. As he planned to grow his GrandPosh company. He did and now he is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Dubai and in India. Great talents are always hidden like diamonds. We diggs and find talented entrepreneurs like Asif Reja Khan. He says, his success credit goes to his parents who are the directors of the company. Matiur Rahman and Fatema Begum are the directors of GrandPosh Techno Pvt. Ltd. His parents helped him and motivated him to do business and grow. His father provided him the seed funding to grow and establish his startup.

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